9 Secret Ways on How to Seduce a Girl

How to Seduce a Girl

In this article, we will share our 9 Secret ways on how to seduce a girl and 8 proven ways on how to seduce a girl through talking. See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble with how to convince your girlfriend for sex, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to seduce a girl, if you want to impress the difficult girl, or if you want her to fall in love with you. Today, we’re going to share the best kept secrets about How to seduce a girl. Prepare for yourself and let’s get started!


9 Secret ways to seduce a girl:

  1. Timing is everything in seduction


How to seduce a girl? – A anticipation is part of what makes a person want another person. When you find a woman you’re interested in go ahead slowly. Wait a while to get closer to her and start listening more than you’re talking to. Don’t announce your purpose right away, as it may be off-putting. Step slowly, at least first.

  1. Dress your best to seduce a girl


If you want a girl to notice you, you’re going to have to wear your best. Work on dressing up if you plan to see someone you’re drawn to at a nightclub, dance, or some other function.

Choose good, attractive clothes. If you’re concerned that your new wardrobe is too drab, head to the department store. You may ask a sales expert to help you select a flattering outfit for your body.

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  1. Be confident


Confidence is something that most people are drawn to. Being happy with yourself is going to draw more people to you. Try to remain optimistic when you connect with the women you want.

Just let her laugh. A lot of people are drawn to people with a healthy sense of humor. During your encounter, try to crack an acceptable joke to see how you can inspire her with your comedic side.

Remember, there’s a thin line between trust and egomania. It’s off-putting to dominate the talk to brag. However, it’s all right to be proud of what you’re doing for a living, where you’re from, and any information about yourself that she may inquire for.

  1. Rub your fingers


How to seduce a girl? – Rub the fingertips softly and smoothly down her neck and behind her ear. It’s going to help build the suspense. Kiss her softly. And don’t ask her first. It’s important that you prove her that you’re just not afraid.

  1. Focus on her physical sensations


Physical sensations are areas of the body that induce sexual appetite when touched, kissed, licked or otherwise cared for. Not all erogenous zones are the same but certain parts of the body appear to be responsive to certain people.

The neck and ears have many nerve endings and are not normally touched during the day. They could respond well to kissing, sucking, licking, and biting gently.

For many, the head and legs are major erogenous zones. A gentle scalp or foot massage might help to get things going. Rely on the lips as you kiss. Try chewing, biting, sucking your mouth. The abdomen, the lower back, and the inner thigh are also susceptible to touch.

Point: Many women derive the sexual satisfaction of being touched here.

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  1. Pay attention to her body language


Through a woman’s body language, it is really easy to know if a woman is interested in you or not. So, make sure you watch her body language closely.

If she crosses her arms over her stomach, it may suggest that she might not be interested in you or she clearly disagrees with you. Stick to have a quick discussion. Know, it’s all about her, not about you. So, lock your tongue and listen to it for a moment.

  1. Take it easy and slow

How to propose a girl on chat
How to propose a girl on chat

How to seduce a girl? – It is very important that you make her feel very happy and secure. Making her laugh by asking a few fun questions or just keep her involved. Make sure you two are very relaxed. In your talk, you can either be spontaneous, or be a little practiced beforehand so that you won’t have any uncomfortable moments.

Seduction is all about maintaining momentum. An individual may be uncomfortable or turned off by moving too quickly. Do slowly as you continue. Pay attention to what she wants and what pleases a woman.

Try to be in line with her wishes so that the experience is a pleasurable experience for one another. Stop and inquire sometimes if anything feels fine and pay careful attention to how she reacts.

  1. Eye contact to seduce a girl


Eye contact is the secret to seduce. Looking into the eyes of a woman has a very strong influence on her. Do not overdo it by looking at her though. Make sure you maintain constant eye contact as she talks to you.

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  1. Maintain an emotional bond


How to seduce a girl? – If she’s an old friend or you’ve just met her doesn’t matter. It is important to create an emotional bond if you want to know how to seduce girls. We don’t say that you’re looking to marry her with this but it’s true that a girl needs some kind of bond even for a one night stand.

How to seduce a girl through talking?


Unfortunately, most men believe that love quotes and cheesy pickup lines can be used to win their women’s hearts. But let us advise you about certain quotes and pickup lines being used.

These typically may not work for women because when talking to a woman, they prefer men who are imaginative and original.

8 Proven ways to seduce a girl through talking:

  1. Your voice should gentle and low

Special care must be taken to keep your voice soft and low while you speak to a woman who wants to seduce her.

A soft and low voice can create an aura of intimacy between the two of you and make it much easier for you to attract it. She will be flattered by your progress along with that, and she will feel tempted by your terms.

  1. Using an amusing and interesting opener

How to seduce a girl through talking? – To be frank, the first thing you say to a woman is to set the tone of the ENTIRE conversation. As a result, you need to use an amusing and interesting opener that draws her attention.

Your goal when you first approach a woman is to get a woman to speak and make her interested in you. Usually, you can do this with an opener asking for her opinion on something. All you’ve got to do is craft an opener that will ignite her attention.

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  1. The secret to seduction is humor

I know I can’t speak for all the women on the planet, but I know I speak for many when I say that the secret to seduction is humor. Personally, make me laugh, and you’ve got me a hook, a line, a sinker!

This doesn’t mean tossing all of your best jokes like you’re doing a routine stand up. It means using humor here and there to make conversation enjoyable, light and above all, outright sexy in an indirect way!

  1. Compliment your girl

Instead of using technical jargon or ‘fancy words,’ you can add simple but effective words to your girl. Be as straightforward as you can.

Such examples would be—if you like her shapes, then let her know; if you think her thought process is impressive, then compliment her, and so on. These terms have the power of seduction.

It will also help ensure that she’s really able to comprehend what you’re doing. Make sure your sentences are short, straight and easy, but at the same time they are not crass and perverted. Not only can you seduce a woman with your words, but you will also turn her on.

  1. Support her wishes and desires

How to seduce a girl through talking? – When talking to your girl, you must show signs of a liberal mind and support her wishes and desires. There is nothing more seductive to a woman than a man who supports and inspires his wife to make her dreams come true in life.

Make sure you support her and allow her to do what she wants. Try to be there for her when she’s feeling down or going through trouble.

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  1. Be confident in yourself

You have to maintain your calm in order to ensure the effectiveness of your seductive words. Stop getting over-excited and trust yourself. You can’t hope to impress a girl with only your words without showing confidence and calm.

Don’t get upset if she doesn’t answer immediately and make sure that what you reply to her pushes the conversation forward.

Be positive in your conversational skills and don’t use the terminology that makes it seem like you question your own vocabulary. Share your views and thoughts openly, and do not be afraid to be judged.

  1. Tease your girl to seduce her

Using the right words, you will tease your girl to make her feel valued and loved. Yes, to seduce a woman, you’ve got to know the right terms. Have fun with her and flirt.

There’s no harm in that since it makes the conversation much more fun. But make sure the teasing does not go past a point. But you can actually turn your words on a woman.

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  1. Leave her to want more

It’s important to understand when the conversation is over. It’s sort of like a joke that’s humorous at first but when you describe it so many times, it’s losing its brilliance and it’s no longer amusing. Quick and sharp is much better than long and drawn out if you want to understand how to seduce a girl through talking.

Leave her to want more! Leave her wondering when she’s going to see you again. She’s not going to be able to stop!

Mastering how to seduce a girl through talking is all about carefully choosing your words, learning how to use them in the right way, and what to avoid. Stick to neutral subjects, but still praise her as much as you can without going over the top.

How to Seduce a Girl by Text


With the rise of technology, seducing someone at any moment, is now much easier. Text messages are ways to express feelings and thoughts in the best possible way. If you are someone who is shy and is unable to express face-to-face emotions, then you will possibly use text messages to your advantage.

8 Effective ways to seduce a girl by text:

  1. Start with a question

If you send a blank text message and the married woman gets an immediate response to it then it means that she is certainly interested in you and wants to know you more.

Maybe she’ll respond back with something like a ‘?’ Or ‘Hey’ did you by mistake give this to me? A blank text will give you an opportunity, according to your expectations and wishes, to initiate and form the conversation.

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  1. Emojis will help you in this game

By sending suitable emojis in text messages, you can express your happy-go-lucky attitude and playfulness. To catch her attention, you can either use the emojis already included in the texting framework or create new ones.

  1. Tease her to seduce her

How to seduce a girl by text? – When you are texting someone, typing errors are normal. So, you can use it to your benefit in case your woman texts you and it has any of these errors.

For those typing mistakes, pull her leg and make the friendship between the two of you jovial. But don’t overdo this so that she doesn’t begin to see you as her instructor of grammar and not someone who is interested in her.

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  1. Don’t text back instantly

You have to make sure that you do not write back to her immediately if she happens to text you. You would be showing hints of desperation by messaging her as soon as you get her text, which a married woman will stop. Do not wait too long, however. Here’s a double messaging piece and make sure that you never get to that.

  1. Text right before bedtime

She would obviously go to sleep thinking and maybe dreaming about you when she receives a text message from you right before bedtime.

She might well go to sleep with your thoughts on her head if it is your text that she read the last one before calling it a day. But note to not be disruptive and disrupt her or her family obligations.

  1. Text your be interesting and short

How to seduce a girl by text? – Remember, a girl would not have the time to go through long and boring text messages with patience. You must also ensure that your messages are interesting but short so that they can catch her attention.

  1. Don’t ask for nudes

If you’re one of those gentlemen willing to ask a girl via a text picture to show him her things, then you’re playing a dangerous game.

Be the man she doesn’t want to forget by never asking her to text her a picture of any part of her body, well maybe her face. Do you understand what I’m here to say?

Now if she tries to give you something on her own without your permission, well that’s a whole different story, and when it comes to seducing her, it undoubtedly makes it much easier.

  1. Use poems, stories, parables

If you are creative enough to write your wife’s poetry, storeys, and parables to share your thoughts, then it will be the perfect choice for you. Send them messages via text, to hypnotise her. In reality, looking for flattering texts, words that flatter her personality, her beauty is good for text messages to seduce a girl.

Now, you have learned how to seduce a girl by text. Your dedication and patience are required. But those of you who practice these ways will succeed without any hesitation and awkwardness in seducing a married woman with text messages. All the best!

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