19 Proven ways to seduce your husband physically


Here are a some tips for How to seduce your husband physically in bed and keep the spice in your married life. You can try a few of these.


Nothing is hotter than understanding exactly how to seduce your husband physically, except maybe getting to enjoy the benefits that come from putting to good use your top-notch seduction skills.

After a while, things get a little stale for couples in long-term relationships. Unfortunately, sexless marriages are common, but being in one doesn’t have to be your destiny. If you want to get the attention of your man and sustain it, following these seduction tips will spice up your sex life while also strengthening your relationship.

19 Proven ways to seduce your husband physically :-

  1. Giving a striptease in bed to seduce him


How to seduce your husband physically? – If you want your guy to know how sexy you are, there are ways to undress other than email. Make sure he sees you. Taking him by surprise while he’s lying down in bed, watching TV or getting distracted.

Put on a seductive music and sway it gently, as if you were dancing inside yourself. Unbutton your shirt slowly and slip it off one shoulder and then the other. Over the neck and cleavage, touch yourself.

By now, you will have your man’s attention. Striptease him the way you like, but make sure you manage to give him the sexy look in between.

  1. Dress It Up And Seduce Your man


To dress up and seduce him, use your lacy-clad lingerie. Put on the stunning lingerie and those high heels, as if you are getting ready for a wedding.

Strut around in them sexily, put on your makeup and let him drool over you. You should do that after the party when undressing as well. In no time, you’ll have him pouncing on you.

Don’t make a routine of this so that he loses interest in the fun. With good sex, your married life will get better.

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  1. Tie Him Up To Seduce Your husband In bed


How to seduce your husband physically? – And the thought of it is sexy enough for a man to seduce and arouse. So, take over the bedroom, trust me that every man gets seduced just by seeing a woman in bed take over.

Get your guy all bound up. Use silk scarves or cuffs made specifically for such games. Don’t tie up too tightly and keep your head propped up on the pillow so he can see how crazy you get.

You should blindfold him as well. Not every man likes to be tied up and dominated, however. So, make sure you know how your husband likes you to play and seduce him in his bed. It’s going to make sex rock your married life.

  1. Mirror Image Your Man To Sexually Seduce Him


To let him know you are interested in sex, you might need to learn and master body language. It’ll seduce him and turn him on, try and mirror some of his behaviour.

Don’t imitate anything he does, though. As if your man were leaning toward you, leaning toward him with passionate eye contact as well. Also, lick your mouth. It will, without a doubt, get him interested in you.

  1. Wear Your Only A Coat To Seduce your husband


How to seduce your husband physically? – For a dinner outing, wear your lipstick, heels and a long coat. When you are asked why you’re not taking off your coat, just tell him that you can’t. Of course, give him the explanation, whisper it in his ears or text him. Trust me; he’s not going to be able to focus on anything else but your scarf.

He will dive for you like a hungry tiger as soon as you both reach home. It would never have been better for your sex life and married life.

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  1. Whisper to seduce your husband physically in bed


Speak in his ears softly, telling your guy how beautiful he looks in a particular dress or style or just whisper ‘I Love You.’ And don’t stop there, flick with the tip of your tongue inside his ears and bite his earlobe gently.

This would certainly send shivers down his spine. His mind is going to run wild, and he can’t keep his hands off you.

  1. Physically Seduce Your husband In Bed With Nap Time


How to seduce your husband physically? – Get up from the sofa, sigh loudly, and tell him you’re going for a little nap when you’re watching TV on vacation. Move away casually, one by one, removing your clothing. Look at him suggestively over your shoulder and smile.

Make sure that you are naked by the time you enter the bedroom. Before that, make your bed look enticing enough to seduce you and make it a hot encounter.

When he sees you lying naked on that bed with your eyes closed, his wet dream will come true. If the signal is not received by him, text him to come to the room.

  1. Let Your Man See You Touching Yourself


Every man finds it hot to see his wife rubbing herself and disappearing inside her with her finger or vibrator. Only begin to touch yourself softly when you are watching TV and then indulge yourself in pleasure.

When he’s not there, do it as you would do. Create noises, moan, close your eyes, enjoy yourself to be pleased. After you are done, you’ll have another round of pleasure waiting for you.

  1. Touch and tease him


How to seduce your husband physically? – Take him by surprise while you are enjoying a TV show or a movie. He kisses and licks his fingertips, nuzzles his hair, licks his ears and bites his lobes gently. Or just sit facing him on his lap, rub your crotch on his thighs or hump him dry while you’re kissing him deeply. And then you get up and walk to your room and look back at him. He’ll be watching you for sure.

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  1. Whisper in his ears about a hot evening

He might expect later when he leaves for the office to whisper in his ears about a hot evening. You may also leave a note in his pocket or send a text message that says the same thing to him. When he goes home, he won’t be able to wait.

  1. Hottest and naughtiest lingerie to seduce your husband


Take him shopping for lingerie to seduce him. Pick some of the hottest and naughtiest baby dolls and lingerie. Try them and ask him to judge how you look at them and which ones to buy. In those hot little numbers, he’ll go nuts seeing you and still not be able to handle you until you’re home with him.

  1. Talk dirty to your husband


Every man likes his wife’s little dirty talk. Tell him what you’d like to do, your dream. Tell him how you satisfy him when he’s not around, or tell him about your wet dream. You did the job.

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  1. Your husband Loves The Visual


How to seduce your husband physically? – When you often have sex, set up a life-size mirror. Your guy would be even hotter, more sexually enthusiastic for you, when he sees the whole action in the mirror. You’ll even have fun.

  1. Let your husband Tear  Your Clothes


Men like being the primal one. Wear a shirt that won’t mind ripping you off. Beg him to tear your shirt off and pick you up. He’s really going to love sex, but what will seduce him the most is that you let him rip your shirt apart. Something crazy about that is there.

  1. Take Control In Bed

A bold woman is liked by every guy. They are easily seduced by those who, particularly in bed, take charge. Men are also not good at responding to signals and hints. So, take care of your sex life and see the fun in your hands.

  1. Flirt With your husband

It doesn’t mean you should avoid flirting with him just because you are in a relationship with a man. In your partnership, it will keep up the spice. Add a sentence with a double sense, praise him or say naughty things. He’ll be delighted to know that you still have the same interest in him.

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  1. Make your man lie down

Just make your man lie down and relax while all the work is being done. In order to satisfy you, it will take his mind off what he needs to do next. He will also be more comfortable and will enjoy everything you do in bed with him. It’ll arouse him more sexually. Both of you will end up loving the passion.

  1. Get rough with your man

He gets sexually aroused when you get rough with your guy. So, go on and bring out the beast in you both. Although it is good to be slow, easy, and sensual, rough has another charm to it that has a man wanting more.

  1. Compliment him on his sexual performance

His identity as a man is directly related to his success and sexual desire. You will make him feel worthy and valued by asking your husband how good the sex was. And he’ll want to give you more satisfaction as a result, more often.

I hope this easy guide will help you to seduce your husband in bed and satisfy him. Bear in mind, however, that attempts must also be made on his part to restore sexual intimacy. Talking to him frankly about this dilemma will go a long way. Often, stressful periods of lack of sexual desire may also be the culprit.

There are 19 ways given above on how to seduce your husband physically. You will become innovative and think of a lot more forms. Keeping the spice up is your role in your relationship.

Instead of moaning, make an effort to keep things alive and taking place. With your man, you’re never going to have a boring moment, particularly in bed. The relationship is made deeper and stronger by a healthy sex life. Spice up your sex and your married life with fun.

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how to seduce husband after marriage?

All women are different when it comes to seducing a man. It is possibly much more of a case-by – case matter if that man is the husband. But we will set out a simple step-by – step guide that will help you seduce your husband, based on some of the features of male sexuality that you are already familiar with, so that he will desire you more sexually.

Here are 7 proven ways to seduce your husband after marriage:

  1. Spend a little more time without him

Men like chasing, that’s a fact that’s known. Go out more often with your friends or simply spend more time to yourself and your hobbies. He’s going to wonder why you’re slightly less available, and that’s going to make him want more of you. It’s a sly trick of psychology. However, do not overdo it, or you can end up making him jealous or even upsetting him.

  1. Update your knowledge

Get interested in a new practise, such as studying or playing an instrument in a new language. It doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. Make sure that you keep him up to date and that you are interested with your new hobby.

The trick here is to display facets of your personality that may not be so familiar to your husband. You will arouse his curiosity in you in this way, since you will almost seem like another woman to him.

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  1. Show your sexiness

Do you recall the days when you actually tried to seduce the guy who is your husband now? Although recreating that vibe isn’t easy, one thing is certain: you knew how to be sexy for him. Being positive about the way you look and the way you speak to him is the secret to seducing any guy.

We get used to each other in marriage, and often couples “unlearn” how to be sexy for each other, or they take the appeal for granted. Don’t make a mistake here. But do not panic: this guy has already been seduced by you. You should do it again if you’ve done it already!

  1. Don’t forget to look at your best

Feed safely and exercise regularly. Don’t wear shabby clothes around the house, or big pyjamas. You don’t need to be all dressed up at home, but note that most of the time, home is where he sees you. The sexuality of men is visual, and the more he likes what he sees, the more aroused he will be. Don’t reveal too much, keep the sexy factor high, though.

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  1. Offer him massages

Nothing will make a man happier than his wife offering him a massage, especially after a long day at work. One of the new skills you’ve been mastering might be learning how to offer a massage. Create the right setting, with music, candles, and incense.

This is going to come as an unwelcome surprise, and it’s going to serve as an interesting foreplay. But it doesn’t actually even need to develop into sex. It can only be a way of soothing him and making your intimacy with him more interesting.

  1. Touch him in a different way

Creativity is the secret to a safe, long-term sex life. During sex, the moment you repeat the same acts over and over again, that’s when you leave an open door to take over for boredom. During your everyday contact with one another, this advice also applies.

Touch his arm in a way you’ve never done before, or kiss him on his neck suddenly. Men enjoy being held in a pre-arousal state. While at work, he will be thinking of you, and his desire to be in intimacy with you later on will be stronger.

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  1. Know a man’s hot spots map and use it to please your husband in bed

  • lower lip and surrounding area
  • neck and throat
  • earlobes
  • nipples
  • hip zone (right above the genitals)
  • perineum
  • testicles
  • penis frenulum
  • penis head

Pay attention to each of those zones that are erogenous. To give him satisfaction, use your mouth and tongue by stimulating his hot spots with kissing and nibbling. Be sweet and gentle, but keep the flow going. Don’t hurry your moves and let your stress rise.

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