How To Impress A Girl? | 16 proven ways to impress a girl


If you’re trying to find out how to impress a girl you like or you have a crush on a girl here are some proven tips for you to achieve your dream girl.


How to impress a girl – The best advice to impress a girl is to become the person who will take care of her and take all her wishes and desires into consideration.

Everyone just want to impress pretty girls. The job is not so easy, however. How a girl thinks, one can’t know. However by making him look more attractive to her, one may impress her. And he will make her fall in love with him through this.

Many people feel that the best way to impress a girl is to bring gifts. But that’s not the truth overall. There are other easier ways of winning the heart of a girl and making her fall in love. It’s not all about offering a girl chocolates and roses to woo, it’s all about keeping her sincerely happy and perfect.

The smallest gestures also make the greatest impressions, but there are also some little signs that can ruin your chances too. You would want to put the best step forward when meeting someone new.

 16 Proven tips to impress a girl are:

  1. Have a effective personality


Before you even ask her out, show your great personality to the girl. You will convince her that you are a great guy who will make an outstanding boyfriend by being confident, kind, funny, compassionate, and well-mannered.

Remember to talk with her. Research has shown that it can make people find you more attractive with a great personality. But if you never speak to her, maybe she never gets to see how nice you are with a man.

  1. Dress uniquely


Believe it or not, the choice of wardrobe speaks a lot about who you are. In reality, studies show that The clothes we wear send our peers and strangers powerful signals. In order to impress, you don’t need to have amazing fashion sense. To avoid something too vivid, pick a colour that looks best on you.

Not only are you going to look and smell more appealing, it shows her that you are mature and capable of essential everyday tasks by taking care of your hygiene.

Pay attention also to the type of clothes she wears, and wear the same style of clothing, which will allow her to relate to you and make you more desirable overall.

Pay careful attention to these things:

  • Using a deodorant. As soon as you get out of the shower in the morning, apply it. Make sure that it also doesn’t smell too feminine or too male either.
  • Wear clothes that are clean. Consider setting up a daily washing schedule, including doing all your laundry every Sunday night, if you find yourself scrambling for fresh laundry.
  • Keep a clean mouth. Brush, floss and use mouthwash twice daily. Using breath mints and chewing gum for assistance in the middle of the day.
  • Care of facial hair by regular shaving. Make sure it’s cut to a standard length if you’re developing facial hair, and not scraggly or unruly. Try plucking any excess hair above your nose if you happen to have a unibrow.

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  1. Be perfectly groomed


You want to look the best when for the first time, you ask her out. She’s not going to have a positive opinion of you if you’re wearing your grubbiest shirt and haven’t showered in a few days. But before you ask her out, you do not need to wear a tuxedo or have a makeover either.

Just make sure you’re clean, wearing some flattering clothing, and that you’re brushing your hair and facial hair.

  1. Doing what she enjoys


You probably hate shopping with your girlfriend, listening to her favourite songs, or watching movies that she likes, but for a few hours at least, try to put up with that. To build a satisfying relationship, you should learn to compromise.

Let her pick the movie you’re going to watch together the music she loves, or go shopping with her. Often just let her play the main role and pretend to enjoy it or don’t hate it at least, maybe you’re going to find out something good and fresh.

  1. Be respectful


It means that you know how to treat other people with dignity, a quality that most girls want in their boyfriends. Being well-mannered does not mean you are boring.

Being nice to the woman you try to impress and even the people you run into on the street will highly reflect your character. Keep on to her entrance, listen to what she tells you, and be respectful of your server if you’re out for dinner. Good manners would leave a perfect first impression at all times.

In public, or in mixed groups, avoid cursing or doing something crude. It’s okay to relax with your mates a little bit, but try to show your best side to those you don’t know well.

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  1. Show your unique talents


Some girls can find a guy with certain things interesting, while others won’t. But if the girl you want finds your special talents appealing, the only way you can find out is to look for chances to show them.

  1. Give genuine compliments to her


A strong and genuine compliment is a perfect way for a girl to be impressed. Think about the best thing you like about her. It could be her smile, laughter, or intellect. There is however a downside to complimenting. Apart from her eyes or her smile, you should not compliment her on any physical features. Keep it sweet and short.

Keep it sweet and short. No need to wax poetically on her main qualities for three or four minutes. Will do a short one-liner. Smile! While you say it, keep eye contact, too.

  1. Think when you speak


Sometimes girls don’t speak up. You may think it’s a good idea to make her jealous, but steer clear. Discussing other girls’ looks in front of her can make you appear vain and fickle. She’s the only one you are interested in as far as she learns.

Don’t have dirty jokes to tell. For wicked humour, there’s a time and place and it’s when you’re hanging out with your guy buddies. Once you’re around her, keep a lid on it.

As a bully, stop coming off. Even if they are supposed to be funny, don’t throw out careless insults or bring other people down. She may not be able to pick up on your humorous tone and take at face value your sentences.

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  1. Make her feel great


Text back if she messages you. Try to find time if she wants to chat, even if it’s slightly inconvenient. When you are talking to a kid, don’t centre the conversation on you.

Find little ways to let a girl know you think she’s an incredible person. You’ll see that it will certainly gain her notice this way. Girls are way more comfortable when they talk about common interests. Ask about her hobbies, interests, favourite books, music, etc. In a few short sentences, if she asks you a question, answer it and then redirect the question back to her.

This gets her involved in the conversation. Start with her with an inside joke! The two of you would share a hidden bond by doing this, which is communicated between only the two of you.

  1. Make sure you use sense of humour



The old saying is true; girls love guys with a sense of humour. So try making her laugh sometimes, even if you’re not that good at it. Tease her nicely, be playful, tell her jokes, use your body language, just be yourself and don’t place pressure on yourself.

We surveyed 1,000 women who found that the best way to win her is by making her laugh (48 per cent), followed by helping with wanderings (16 per cent) and giving her compliments (13 per cent).

  1. Avoid taking phone in your hand


In a world that is more connected than ever before, it can be hard to avoid the electronics. Responding to text messages, emails or answering your phone indicates that you are not involved. If you’re going to impress a lady, give her your full attention.

  1. Start asking questions in order to know her better


While you are getting to know a girl, it is important to have fun, so make sure that you also ask questions that show her personality. You should know a little more about her preferences and dislikes by now, so you can also probe a little deeper into those subjects.

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  1. Don’t be always available


Make her work a little for your attention instead of being always available to her whenever she likes. For instance, you’re not available to come over and watch romantic comedies with her while she complains about her current break-up; however you are available to take her to dinner on Friday if she’s interested.

  1. Be supportive


New research indicates that the emotional attachments and expectations formed on a first date decide the fate of a future relationship. Whether it’s endorsing her career moves or her ice cream binge, a great way to create an emotional bond is to demonstrate your approval of her decisions.

  1. be patient and be yourself


Getting to know someone might take a long time, and it might be a while before they fall for you. But don’t be discouraged or impatient.

Only do your best to show her a nice time and get to know her. Try to look at every time you go out or spend time together as an opportunity to find out more and show her what makes you deserving of her affection.

This is one of the most important moves to attract a woman. Remember that you’re good enough to win her over, and that you’re an amazing guy.

Maya Angelou said most famously, “People will forget what you said. People are going to forget what you did. But people will never forget the way you made them feel.” Being yourself will make you feel more relaxed and more likely to make a lasting impression.

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  1. Respect her decision


If you’ve done everything to impress her, and she’s still not interested in dating, come back gracefully. Often the spark isn’t there. You’ve done your hardest, and there are other girls out there who will love the person you are. Move on with confidence.

How to impress a girl by texting

In today’s world almost every teenger wants to know that how to impress a girl by texting first then meet and do the rest things. So, here today I will tell you how one can impress a girl by texting.


Almost all believe that Internet dating is a perfect way to save time and energy and get to know a girl sitting in front of the television in a comfortable chair. however is silent about one basic fact: many men want to meet single girl every day and write a lot of messages, so girls get too picky.

And if we talk about dating sites, then we can safely multiply this number by 10. You need to know how to connect with a girl on the Internet if you want a girl to differentiate you from this crowd of fans.

10 Proven ways on how to impress a girl by texting:

  1. Starting your conversation

Don’t send some dumb question or message that can piss her off such as flirting words or using or showing off cheap words. Girls never love it. A good way to start is to send a joke over text, too. But there are far less chances of getting a reply. So before texting, first determine the related topic and time. And best start with a popular and genuine question in the first conversation over text.

  1. Don’t be too serious

It should be very fun and too serious to converse with your crush over email. Try to be hilarious and playful. So that she first approaches you to text anytime she feels anxious or sad. Since you let her feel relieved and with your witty words, make her happy. So try not to have serious text discussions.

Your text messages need to be interesting and enjoyable. If you can’t think of something interesting or fun to say, then you probably shouldn’t text her at all.

  1. Never wait too long to reply

Sure, there’ll be moments when you can’t instantly respond back. But if you wait purposefully to show her that you’re no more into her than she’s into you, she’ll know. It’s not going to get or impress her to play games by playing hard to get. You’re more likely to sign her off.

If you and you are available to text back, if she texts, do so. She is attempting to develop a connection with you. You owe her the same if she puts herself out there. No one wants to be rejected, and they definitely don’t want to play with children. So don’t reply on purpose.

  1. Use sense of humour

If you want to know how to impress a girl with text, find stuff that will make her laugh. Give her hilarious GIFs, videos, or just be light-hearted. A girl likes to feel like loving life and seeing funny things all around her.

They just want to feel interested in activities that make their day happier and that you find funny.

  1. Be mysterious

In your text messages, there’s no harm in being somewhat mysterious—you want her to feel like she’s chasing you, not the other way around so try occasionally to be a little ambiguous or aloof, but not so much so that she gets suspicious of your actions.

Do not be too forthcoming if she asks what your plans are for the weekend (unless you have truly exciting plans). It’s not going to interest her to tell her you’re probably only going to spend the weekend working on a paper you have due. Tell her that you’re off to destroy a dragon or anything similarly outlandish—as long as it’s fun, it doesn’t have to be real.

  1. Tease her

Teasing is a strong feature of flirting — without getting too intense, it builds a kind of intimacy between you.

Tease her about what she said or did when you hung out together for the last time. “just don’t squirt it out your nose like you did last time 😉 “Just don’t squirt your nose out of it like you did last time;). This is an instance of call-back humour that draws attention to a time when you two had fun together, making her think about your relationship positively.

Note: Just make sure you’re not crossing the line to be cruel or rude, or your friendship with texting will die a swift death.

  1. Your text should be short and sweet

It’s boring and long text messages will make you look over-eager. Tell sweet stuff if you want to please her by text messages. There is a distinction between saying things that are nice and things that are creepy. Speak from the heart and tell her how you’re feeling about her. But, if you want to impress her, don’t get super intense, jealous or obsessed.

Text stuff to brighten her day in the morning or just before bed in the evening to let her know you are thinking about her. It’s super quick to be nice if you just say those things in your heart that you feel.

Try to stay away from sexual stuff until you both accept that your text conversation is where you want to take it. If you give her sexually-like messages, you risk making her uncomfortable. So at least in the beginning, stick to sweetness.

  1. Be mindful with grammar and spelling

“In your text messages, you want to give the impression of being witty and articulate, which can be really difficult if you’re “txtin lyk dis”. Teenagers may be able to get away with it, but a little more attention should be paid to spelling and grammar by someone over the age of 18.

If your girl sends you a photo of herself in a new outfit, for example, “wow!” sounds a lot more excited than plain “wow” while I like it is a lot more flirty and provocative than “I like it”

Just don’t overdo it on exclamation points, question marks, smiley faces, winky faces, and other emoticons—in the correct sense, they can be quite effective, but if overused, they can seem childish.

  1. Don’t hold the communication too long

In this situation, the chance of switching from the category of a possible boyfriend to a friend with whom talking on the Internet is simply interesting is high. Therefore you must instantly invite her to go out when the girl demonstrates mutual interest. She’s going to know you like her. And this is one of the ways to make you want a girl through text.

Just don’t turn a routine into chatting. Correspondence must also be as honest as possible, since a woman in fact should know how you look. Perhaps it’s worth sending a few voice messages so she knows your voice before a date.

  1. Be yourself

A guy who can be himself is what most girls want. So maybe try to be who you are and say what you want instead of studying how to impress her over a text. About the key? Text her like anyone else would do and not play all the rules and games out there.

Text messaging is a tricky thing when you first start a relationship. It’s not “real,” and whatever you write in a text message, what I mean by that is, the receiver reads in whatever frame of mind they are in. So in truth, sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you’re writing, people read what they want.

If you want to win her heart, you might get in the door to learn how to impress a girl over text, but once there, she’s either going to fall in love with you or not. So the easiest way to step forward with a genuine and enduring relationship is to be yourself up front.

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