How to impress interviewer with self introduction?

How to impress interviewer with self introduction

Read full article to know How to impress interviewer with self introduction. First impressions will play a significant role in how an employer identifies you as a candidate.

What you say in the first step of the interview will make a difference in the outcome—in a positive way or in a negative way. We researched and shortlisted some proven tips on how to impress interviewer with self introduction.

How to impress interviewer with self introduction
How to impress interviewer with self introduction

You don’t want to come off as clumsy and lacking social skills. Instead, if you’re employed, you’ll want to prove that you have the professionalism and communication skills to be an asset to the business.

Some hiring managers might also decide to refuse an applicant on the basis of a bad first impression.

For example, showing up late or checking the phone during the interview can lead the hiring manager to see the candidate as having an inability to make a commitment, meet deadlines, concentrate and follow-up, which are not skills that will impress the employer.

10 Proven ways to impress interviewer with self introduction:

1. Prepare your questions and answers.


Be prepared to give a quick introduction to the person who greets you. When you arrive at the interview site, let the receptionist know your name and the reason for your visit.

Plan your answers to answer on the following topics:

  • How you may have been prepared for this particular job by your previous experience (whether it be other jobs, education, or volunteer programmes).
  • In general, but more specifically, what abilities you have, those that are strongest and those that are most relevant to the job at hand.
  • Situations where you have solved problems that show your ability to succeed under stress in the past.

Many HR professionals will ask the receptionist for his or her impression of being a candidate. Before you even meet with the hiring manager, if you act rudely or dismissively, you could put yourself out of the running for the job.

2. Rehearse your interview in advance.


How to impress interviewer with self introduction? – Please rehearse your conversations. Ask your friend or family to play a role with you. Record yourself and play it back to identify any points that are not clearly communicated. If you find yourself forgetting the key points, please write a cheat sheet to study right up to the point you’re called in for your interview.

Be careful not only about what you say, but also about how you say it and how you behave. Be mindful of your emotions and what impression you make of people.

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3. Your dress up matters.

How to impress interviewer with self introduction
How to impress interviewer with self introduction

When meeting someone new, dress up (attractiveness) plays an important role. In part, deciding what to wear to an interview will reflect who you are to everyone you’re going to meet. Different workplaces have varying dress codes, so before you head to your work interview, you’ll want to do some research on the company culture.

4. Effective body language.


A fundamental aspect of communication is body language. Keep in mind the qualities you want your body language to show while you are meeting people during the interview process.

Here are a few tips:

  • Be confident: Impress people by not caring whether you’re impressing them or not. Instead, remain true to yourself. We all have different sides of ourselves, of course, so be the “you” that’s most suitable for the situation.
  • Be comfortable: Being a professional doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Before you leave the house, make sure you feel good in your clothes.
  • Practice more: A practice session, including your outfit, body language and even your handshake, to present yourself. The mirror is also a great tool for practice.

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5. Your Introduction should sound short and smart.

How to impress interviewer with self introduction
How to impress interviewer with self introduction

Frame an introduction once the interview starts, which immediately communicates exactly what you want your future employers to know about you right from the get-go.

Before the interview, carefully evaluate the job, so you can point out the interests, talents, experiences and personal qualities that will help you to meet or exceed the demands of the job and business.

Set yourself apart from other candidates by painting a separate picture of yourself in just a few words. When asked to tell us about yourself,” reply with a brief description full of relevant, impressive facts.

You’ll have a chance during the interview to introduce yourself on an in-depth basis. Many hiring managers start an open-ended interview with a question such as “Tell me about yourself.” The core of your response should concentrate on the key elements in your background that will allow you to excel in the job you are interviewing for.

6. Concentrate on your expertise, knowledge, strengths, and qualifications.


Your purpose is to connect with the interviewer personally, as well as to prove that you are qualified for the job and would make a great new hire.

Your introduction should be sufficiently clear to keep the interviewer’s attention. Usually a simple summary of the most convincing credentials would be enough.

You may also list a few tidbits, such as the fact that you are an avid skier, have performed at comedy clubs, or collect African art, that are not important to the job but represent your persona.

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7. Behaviour matters.


How to impress interviewer with self introduction? – Regardless of the position you are applying for from meeting the interviewer to saying thank you during your interview, you will be required to behave respectfully at every step of the interview process.

Before, during, and after a job interview, review job interview etiquette tips to make sure you’re mindful of your manners. Make sure you know what to say, what to carry with you and how to respectfully and professionally answer and ask questions to make the best impression possible.

8. Accept your mistakes.


Alert people to the fact that if you screw something up, so that it can be remedied as quickly as possible. Give your views when you’re discussing the best way to execute projects, but concede when someone else proposes a better idea.

Prove to your HR and peers that you are less worried about looking good than about getting the job done.

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9. Listen your managers


Instead of just talking to each other, build an actual conversation between yourselves. Respond directly to their replies when they tell you something. If you have a personal storey that is relevant to what they have said, be sure to tell it in a way that clearly demonstrates that your storey is an answer, not just a chance to change topics and talk about yourself.

When they tell their own storeys to demonstrate that they have your interest, ask follow-up questions.

10. When the interview finishes

How to impress interviewer with self introduction
How to impress interviewer with self introduction

How to impress interviewer with self introduction? – Without a goodbye, no interview is complete. Follow the lead of your interviewer after your interview is over: stand when they stand, shake their hand again and with a smile, thank them for their time. On a positive note, you can prepare to say a few sentences that will end the conversation:

  • I enjoyed learning more about the position.
  • Based on what I’ve learned, I believe I can do this job well.
  • I’m excited to get started.
  • I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Thank you for your time.
  • “It was a pleasure meeting you. I appreciate your time today.”
  • “Thanks for a great conversation. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”

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Mistakes you should avoid during a self-introduction:

  • Keep the part of the self-introduction short and concise, don’t make it long. So, try to avoid irrelevant stuff that has nothing to do with the job position you have applied for.
  • Never badmouth your former boss or share with your previous co-workers any negative thoughts.
  • When the interviewer is speaking, never interrupt in between, resume once he’s finished.
  • Before giving an interview, many job seekers even rehearse, but still panic once they enter the interview cabin. You have to remain calm and have a smile on your face.
  • Avoid being nervous, it’s just an interview. Openly talk with confidence.
  • If you don’t have enough faith in something, don’t walk around with your eyes here and there. It helps to make the conversation interactive by maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.

So, keep the above points in mind as you go for the next interview, and rock the interview. This will definitely help the recruiter to be impressed, and you will get recruited, all the best.



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