How to Impress a Girl with Chatting?

how to impress a girl with chatting

In this article, we will share our secrets on how to impress a girl with chatting, See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble getting closer and starting chatting with girls to impress, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.

how to impress a girl with chatting

There are so many different applications to choose from. You can keep in communicate with people you meet, or you can start to get attached to someone else. Now a days, only platforms are popular for chatting –Facebook, instagram and Whatsapp. Now know the Ways to Impress a Girl with chatting.

16 Proven ways on How to Impress a Girl with Chatting:-

  1. Your Profile Should be Attractive


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Either you chat on InstagramFacebook or Whatsapp, your profile should be really appealing to your girl’s eyes every day. Just take your best picture as a DP and have a special status (in case of Whatsapp).

Or if you want to impress her with FB, like and share the most unique celebrities, shows, personalities, social issues, etc. She must be the first to fall for your pick.

For example, if you love playing the guitar, use a picture of yourself jamming for your DP. If you’re in doubt, just show off your pearly whites and use your best smile on your selfie head.

If you don’t want to use a picture of yourself, you can set your DP to your favourite cartoon character, celebrity, or piece of art.

  1. Observe Her and Understand Her


Go through her profile, photos, and status every day, it’s going to help you understand her more and more every day. In the case of Whatsapp, evaluate her by status, so you’d know more about her than what kind of girl she is and what she likes and doesn’t like.

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  1. Make Your Presence to impress a girl


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – In the case of whatsapp, it’s a little different to know her online timings, but after you’ve been online continuously for 3-4 days, you’ll know her online timings, and later you will know her regular routine. Then make yourself visible by enjoying the posts and images she likes or shares with FB.

Update the status of her form on whatsapp and keep doing this for at least two weeks so that she slowly knows that you two have something in common.

  1. Be positive and confident to impress her


Usually the best way to impress someone is not to try too hard. Just be yourself-probably she’s going to be able to tell you if you’re trying to behave. Although it’s natural to be nervous, just try to have fun talking to her.

  1. Your first unique Hey


Your first Hi should be special, don’t just send a ‘Hi’ message, instead you can send some of the messages below –

You can try these texts to impress a girl with chatting:-

  • Hey! How’s the day treating you?
  • “Can I disturb the busiest person of this world, just to say a Hi…”
  • “Hello gorgeous, looking Beautiful in DP”
  • “Hi, Can I say something about you…”

It’s a known way to get an immediate response from a girl, just ask her something she can’t ignore, and she’ll have to answer you.

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  1. Talk about some interesting topic


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Now that you’ve exchanged a few messages after your first hello, it’s time to work on your chat.  Impress a girl with chatting by choosing the right topic. Choose one that isn’t too popular.

It may also be linked to something she likes, such as movies, food or favourite locations. Taking this opportunity to learn more about her. Frequently change the subject so that the topic doesn’t get too dull.

You’ve got to pick interesting subjects to talk like –

  • Do you like to sing in the shower or the car when no one is around?
  • What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?
  • What would be the absolute worst name you could give your child?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
  • Her favorite movie and favorite actor/actress.
  • Her favorite restaurant and favorite dishes.

Let her talk about herself and all these topics, you just stay quiet and listen to her. You know her more and more by doing this.

  1. Use stickers and emojis

How to Impress a Girl with chatting – Chat apps have funny stickers and emojis that you can use. They can sever any tension that happens during a conversation. They’re going to make the girl you like laugh, which is never a bad thing. Try not to submit too many, however, as it will make the conversation too old.

  1. Use your sense of humor to impress her


Another way to make her laugh is by telling her jokes. Of course, the best way to start talking to a girl is with the aid of humour. Squeezing a smile from her is like offering her a tiny dose of love potion.

Know, women like men to make them laugh. Even in the worst case a good joke will help. Humor sets a benevolent tone and reveals that you’re a guy she’s not going to be bored with.

Here are some funny text examples:

  • Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
  • I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.
  • Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material?
  • How are you?
    She: [good]
    You: I didn’t ask how you looked

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  1. Do not violate her privacy


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Everyone has the right to their own room and privacy. It’s disrespectful for anyone to ask for personal information too much. Speak to her as you talk to a new friend. Set a cap on yourself because you’re not going to cross a line. She will appreciate your willingness to honour her life and will end up caring more deeply for you.

  1. Chatting behavior to impress a girl with chatting


If she’s not answering, don’t just send a lot of messages, send you single messages and let her reply when she’s free. When you constantly keep sending messages, girls hate it. Just keep the talk so that she doesn’t have the time in her contact list to speak with someone else.

When she types long messages for you, be careful. Be humorous and submit smileys and emoticons while chatting; to avoid a dull conversation, you can crack some funny jokes.

  1. Share things about your life

How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Another way to impress a girl with chatting is by sharing a bit about your daily life. Tell her about the amusing and fascinating stuff you’ve come across throughout the day.

To make the conversation more interesting, you should give her some of your videos. If they grab her attention, a girl tends to respond to messages.

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  1. Deeper conversation


Starting a deeper discussion would indicate to her that you really want to understand who she is as an individual. Try to find a topic that’s close to her heart after some small talk, or after you’ve had a few shallow conversations.

You might ask questions such as “What are the three things you want to accomplish in life?” about her ambitions, interests, and dreams. Try to ask about the attributes she looks for or admires in a person, about her favourite childhood memory, or what is most important to her in the world.

  1. Don’t over text

Have patience and give her time before sending another message to respond. Moreover, instead of a bunch of messages with only a few words, most individuals prefer a longer post.

Keep the memes to a minimum as well. Sending a funny GIF that applies to your talk is one thing, but don’t spam her with loads of random stuff.

  1. Show genuine interest


You shouldn’t have to pretend to enjoy talking to her if you really like her and want to impress her. Honesty goes a long way, and if you really want to get to know her, you will have a much better time having a decent conversation.

If she tells you, for example, that she’s worried about having a lot of studying to do, don’t change the topic or talk about how much you have on your plate. Say something like, “Well that’s no good! Should I let you get to work? Or maybe I could help you study?”

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  1. Ask for her opinions


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Start asking some of her thoughts about stuff to further impress a girl with chatting. In the chat debate, considering her as someone you can trust would impress her.

Try telling her about the clothes you wear, so you can give her a picture of yourself as well. Who knows, maybe she thinks you’re adorable and she’s going to start getting serious with you.

One of the easiest ways to make someone feel valued is to care about what she feels.

  1. Avoid doing dirty things


How To Impress A Girl With Chatting – Even if you think you’re giving her a compliment, you’re probably going to make her feel disrespected and there’s nothing more unsurprising than that.

It will make you stand out more than anything else by being courteous, respectful, and sincere.

If, outside of social media, the two of you know each other or are relaxed enough you might ask her if she wants to video chat. Just keep it clean and have a good chat face-to-face.

8 Special tips to impress a girl with chatting:


In addition to all the stuff that have already been listed. Take a risk and step up the conversation in the talk.

Here are some more ways to impress a girl with chatting:

  1. Play together online games that are available on the chat application or any other apps.
  2. Tell her the plans you have for your spare time. When she’s interested, invite her to come along with you.
  3. Get some food cooked and make it look nice. Capture an image and give it to her.
  4. Share memes to her. These days, funny memes are like that. You should laugh together about stupid stuff.
  5. Speak about your passion and dreams. She’s going to start seeing you as a whole man, not just a guy behind a screen.
  6. See a show together and chat about it through texts, too.
  7. Ask her if she’s hungry and send some food to her place from online services.
  8. Consider sharing childhood memories together that will make the two of you exchange stories.

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We have posted a whole new how to impress a Girl with chatting technique, here you can try these ways and there are 99 percent chances that she will embrace your feelings. Remember that you deserve someone better if she rejects you and your true feelings.

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