How To Impress A Girl On Instagram?


Read full article to know how to impress a girl on instagram. The days have gone when the boys used to impress the girl with various tricks or to give her some kind of signals. Now it’s the age of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Only here is the first meeting and the first talk. We’re giving 17 proven ways to impress a girl on instagram, from now you don’t ask how to impress a girl on instagram. This article will change the way you talk.


It’s pretty clear that you’ll be looking for her first on facebook, and then you’ll go through her profile to get to know her interests, and then you’ll want to start a conversation with her.

Here we’re going to help both of you stop saying the traditional “hi” or “hlw.” In this technological age, the first experience of talking is the last chance to impress her.

Just to help you get your dream girl, here in this blog – how to impress a girl on instagram, we’re giving you a few proven ways that you can apply to your real life to live a cheerful and joyful life. Yes, just remember that these tips might be small, but they’re 100% powerful.

17 Proven ways on how to impress a girl on instagram:

  1. Connect with her profile


How To Impress A Girl On Instagram? – Go through her profile description, check out her pictures, her good for you lyrics, her response to other people’s comments, and she’ll help you create an image of what she is, her likes and dislikes, her beliefs, among others.

Such useful knowledge will allow you to approach her in a constructive way. If you understand a guy, you can have a true honest conversation and make a chord with him.

Once you’ve reviewed her profile, follow her profile, like her updates, and connect with her profile like any normal person would do before you meet her via DM.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to like any photo she shares in a matter of micro seconds. Only communicate in a way you’re going to do with a regular friend. When she’s used to seeing you in her updates, it will make it more normal for her to reach out.

Just don’t like her posts that were posted 3-4 years ago. This is going to make you a creep. There is a very fine line between engaging with and stalking her profile.

  1. Set up a bond with her first


You need to establish a bond with her first before you can successfully start DMing her. She gives a hint that she is not interested if you have sent 2 or 3 messages and she hasn’t responded yet.

You should try to send a subtle, non-offending flirty text in that case, which can be more friendly to her. If the girl already has a boyfriend or even is interested in guys, you need to find you once the girl has started reacting to your DM’s.

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  1. Look For Mutual Friends


Getting mutual friends will work in your favour as it will give the girl good enough reason to trust you and accept your friend request. This is also one of the variables girls use to find out about men who are approaching them.

She may open up better if in her social life there are familiar people around. More than ever for girls, online scammers have become a cause for concern, so if you have mutual friends, it will make her feel much safer.

It will even encourage you to turn your online crush into an actual date.

  1. Your first DM


Try to stop saying hi’ in the traditional way. Try something special instead, try something different and get out of the box. There are the following lines you can try:

  • Knock knock?
  • Can I disturb the busiest person in the world?
  • Hi beautiful, looking gorgeous in your dp.
  • Can I have the pleasure of saying a few lines about you Miss World?

There are some tested lines that will make it necessary to respond to your messages. Once she answers back, don’t lose the hold, keep the flow going. Slowly, she begins to grow some love for you in her heart. With an emoji and a ‘hello’ one, please don’t start your conversation.

  1. Be Confident


How To Impress A Girl On Instagram? – If he wants to impress a girl, confidence is the most important thing that every guy needs. If you doubt that you’re not good enough for a female, then your chances of being rejected by her are greater. Know your worth and always have a better understanding of yourself.

A girl wants a man who does not screw up her life and makes it more beautiful. She wants her man, against all odds, to stand with her. Always demonstrate your high self-esteem whenever you text or DM a girl online. The internet offers all the anonymity you need so you don’t have anything to fear.

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  1. Talk Interesting


Pick some interesting trending thing and start the conversation. This will help you to understand her points, her views on that subject and you can get her preferences and her likes and dislikes from there. But when she is offline, don’t start with a subject.

It’s going to make her lose interest. You can only follow her for 2-3 days and get her timings in the case of WhatsApp to get the timings when she is online. In the case of Facebook, the last seen can be seen and timings can be easily accessed.

At that very specific moment, try to be online and begin your conversation with any random but trending and interesting subject. Try to stop long texts as much as possible and also keep the duration of your messages low or lower than hers.

Also, strive to include in your texts your literary abilities. Not only will this impress her, but it will also ignite a sense of admiration for you in her heart.

  1. Check before you Text


Until you give a girl the message, proofread it once to make sure you haven’t made a mistake. It barely takes an extra couple of seconds. Girls pay great attention to detail, and even the slightest errors can be measured by them.

Make sure it is right for the message you give her. With your grammar here you are not trying to impress the kid, but to show her that you are a careful and responsible person. Just press the send button once you are confident that the message is correct for you.

  1. Use stickers and emojis

Have you ever read a book without sketches, pictures or figures of some kind? Lengthy texts and black and white texts. How does that feel? Yeah you’re right that the person reading the messages on the other end still feels the same.

So in your conversations, strive to use stickers and emojis. This will allow you to express your feelings and emotions. But do not send an ocean of emojis or stickers again, as it will make her feel bored, too.

Often in the middle of your conversation, try to include little jokes so that the conversation won’t get boring and she may also have the same curiosity in talking to you just as yours.

Your humour instincts can also be shared by cracking small jokes and who knows that she may also have the same funny side and that will ultimately enhance your slavery.

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  1. Be Clear


Are you just looking for a girl for a hookup or for a real relationship to build? Are you too far away to meet her in reality? Do you want to turn your dreams into reality?

The girl you send a DM should be transparent about what your motives are in order for her to figure out whether or not she is interested in you. If not, if you do not bring it out in your talk, how would she figure out what you are offering?

In your first message, I’m not telling you to spell out everything. Take the time to get to know each other to ensure that you both reflect on the interests of each other. Don’t be too romantic if you’re just looking for a hookup.

You’re going to break the heart of an innocent girl and she’s not going to be the same ever again. Be frank with her and make no promises you don’t want to keep.

  1. Share about yourself


If it catches her attention, a girl appears to respond to those messages first. By letting her know a bit about yourself, you can easily do so. It might be fascinating from your point of view to just ask about her hobbies or likes, but it’s very dull from the other end.

So it might add some kind of fun to tell about your naughty childhood storeys and you can easily understand that from the kind of responses you would receive.

You will continue and proceed further if you discover that the answer is positive. But if you get anything in the answer that is not expected, then it is a red signal and you have to stop.

You may also share some laughable photos of your childhood and make her laugh if you find the answer to be encouraging. Take the time to respond back. Don’t be in a rush, it could show you’re desperate and it could break her trust in you.

You can also share some of your tiny videos or gifs that might encourage her to know you more closely.

  1. Be Natural


Just like you would speak to any person, keep your conversations normal. You’ve got to text her like you’d usually speak in public to any other girl, at least within the first few texts.

After you’ve got past the original material, you can make your DM a little more flirty. But before that to move the discussion to the next level, you need to make sure the girl is relaxed.

In your conversation, try to maintain a balance between usual and spicy. Girls don’t want to hurry, whether it’s in bed or just talking about causation.

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  1. Make sure you don’t bore her


As I described previously, the brand new way of saying a simple ‘hello’ is also brand new. Similarly, you can turn a conversation into a piece to enjoy on your own or you can even find it monotonous. Like talking about where she is or what she is doing is very boring and could destroy the interests.

Many of you can sense a caring attitude reflected by it. That’s all right, but that again depends on your talking style and your cleverness and imagination.

  1. Don’t Stalk Her


It’ll freak her out if you say things about what you feel about her. Whenever you DM her, do not talk like a stalker. If you sound like you know everything about her, you’re going to get blocked faster than the speed of light.

What you know about her doesn’t matter, just pretend as though you don’t know her. Do not give her the feeling that she is being pursued by you.

  1. Be Classy


If you have both entered a comfort zone, getting flirty or even a little sexual is okay. It’s perfect with slight innuendo, but you need to keep it classy and not like a creep.

Only because the girl has replied to your DM, what you shouldn’t do is start sexting. This is pushing it too far. Here there is no grey area.

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  1. Make her feel good


Which person doesn’t like to be appreciated on this Universe. Every person craves the respect and also craves those tiny tokens of appreciation. The same is true for your girlfriend, except it’s even more so.

In the middle of your talks, passing tiny compliments only seeks her attention more and also enhances your trust in you. But the congratulations have to be genuine.

  1. Reason To Respond

Your DM need to be in such a way as to force her to respond. If you send her something that is not a question or gives her no reason to answer, your DM has reached a dead end already because she won’t know how to respond.

Always send a text to her in a way that gives her a reason to react. Make sure the DM you send has something she’s interested in as well. By checking her profile, which will give you enough ideas for your DM, you can do that.

  1. Don’t Always be Serious


If you are always being serious in your talk, you might scare the kid. Try to keep your conversations witty and humorous. Find things to explore that are not serious. Using your sense of humour and make yourself smile at her.

If you are someone who can be confronted, then you give her all the reasons to respond.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are talking on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp with a girl. As I hope, by using WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, etc. social media sites, you have learned how to attract a girl on chat talk.

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Do’s and Don’t to impress a girl on instagram:

Do’s :

  • Before you slide into their DMs, follow her.
  • Give a thoughtful DM.
  • Frame comments as questions.
  • Take things offline.
  • Make your move and then let it go.

Don’t :

  • Like every single photo they post.
  • Say anything you wouldn’t say in person.
  • Send mixed signals.
  • Send multiple DMs.
  • Rely on social media to get dates.

Impress her with the best first impression. Get it right, and it becomes easy for the rest. Have good luck.

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