How To Convince Angry Boyfriend? – 16 Secrets

How To Convince Angry Boyfriend

In this article, we will share our 16 secrets on how to convince angry boyfriend, See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble to convince angry boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.

Dealing with an angry person is not easy. When that person is your boyfriend, it’s even worse and his rage causes him to say or do things that are cruel and hurtful. If it’s name calling, threats, or shouting, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with an angry boyfriend.


How to convince angry boyfriend – You can set the tone for a more respectful, fruitful, and safe relationship by being quietly strong in your response to the anger of your boyfriend, though.

Now if you know you’re the one to apologize, how are you going to make it up to him? How do you make your boyfriend happy when he gets upset with you? How to convince angry boyfriend? Here are some of the ways to stop him getting upset with you.

16 Proven ways to convince angry boyfriend:

  1. Find out what he is angry about


Before asking, wait until you are relaxed, because your tone could set him off even more quickly. Ask him if something is bothering him when you feel as though the time is right. You should sort through your acts and apologize if it’s definitely something you have done.

  1. Let him know that you understand that he is angry.

For successful communication, active listening or reflective listening is a key component. Recognizing his agitation is like pouring cold water on a fire.

His frustration will subside and if you understand where he’s coming from, he may feel more responsive to you. Display your understanding and repeat what you hear to calm your wrathful mate.

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  1. Apologize to convince your angry boyfriend


If you are the one who made a mistake, then put your pride aside and apologize to him. Make sure you mean that. If you’re sincere, he will know; he can see it in your eyes. If your apology is sincere, he’s going to see you understand your mistake, and you’re going to know why he got upset.

Know that for a reason, he is nuts. If you’re safe, he may just be concerned, or he’s mad because you have failed to see things that are of great importance to him. Therefore, please apologize for your absence.

  1. Hug your boyfriend to convince him

If he’s used to seeing you in a relationship as an aggressive guy, why don’t you give him the hug now? When you give him a warm embrace or a kiss, your boyfriend can literally melt like butter. It’s already a huge deal for him that you’re the one who runs up to him and unexpectedly hugs him.

  1. Use emotions


Emotional affirmation is when you communicate to your partner that you understand how they feel and agree that they have every right to feel the way they do according to Psychology Today.

Although validating the feelings of your partner when they are already mad at you seems futile, actually, it can help! Usually, it does not make them more agitated.

Really it reveals that you feel compassionate about the situation and how they feel. This form of reaction can actually calm them down quite a bit, instead of making them more agitated.

If your boyfriend is upset with you about something, it’s worth trying, isn’t it? Just let him know that he has every right to feel the way he does and that you know what’s going on.

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  1. Avoid being sarcastic

When you talk to your boyfriend about why you are angry? ,stop being sarcastic or demeaning. That can only further escalate the situation. Wait to talk to him instead, until you’re settled down and able to listen.

  1. Do not Raise Your Voice


You don’t need to scream at him either, just like watching your tone of voice. There’s a fair chance he’ll do the same right back to you if you lift your voice because he’s angry. This won’t get anywhere for either of you, because both of you will only be shouting and upset.

  1. Give a relaxation to him

Would he deny his favourite person’s massage? I don’t think that. At the moment, he may be mad at you but he’d always enjoy all of your nice gestures. So why don’t you give him the massage he wants in order to relieve his stress?

If you know that is his weakness, massage him in the stomach. He might just forget that he’s angry at you because you’ve really made an effort to prove how much you want him to do.

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  1. Be kind of super sweet


How to convince angry boyfriend – There are still a lot of ways to make him happy when he’s mad at you if a massage on his back is not his style (however, I strongly doubt it), Although you’re used to being the one pursued when you’re mad or sulking by your boyfriend, it’s time for you to do the opposite.

Tell him what you should do. Lower your voice when you talk to him. Have some coffee or cold drinks packed for him. Be extra nice, so that he has no choice but to smile and forget his anger.

  1. Don’t Make Things Worse

To make things worse, one simple way is to escalate the situation. When you always try to get a leg up on your guy, your relationship won’t survive. Alternatively, consider it as a relationship between two persons, where each of you has equal rights. Treat him with the same respect you would like to be treated with.

  1. Cook to convince your angry boyfriend


You may have heard a million times the line “The best way to the heart of a man is through his stomach,” but it is still real. So why don’t you prepare your favorite meal for him? You should cook something you haven’t tried yet, as well and make him the first to try it.

Once he sees the mouth-watering dish you’ve prepared for him, he may just forget his rage. He may always end up laughing or smiling if it doesn’t taste as good as it looks, because he knows that you’ve done your best just to make you happy.

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  1. Use humor to convince angry boyfriend

If you think ladies are the only ones who fell in love with the sense of humor of men, then you’re wrong. Men would love to see women’s lighter side. Your boyfriend will always end up laughing and remembering how charming you are no matter how mundane your jokes might be.

So don’t hesitate to make your boyfriend laugh, even if at the moment he’s mad at you.

  1. Magical Compliments can do some magic


How to convince angry boyfriend – If you think that women are the only ones who want to get their boyfriends’ compliments, then you are wrong again. Often all you need to do is say how adorable and cool he looks when he’s frustrated.

Note how very fine his hairstyle looks on him. Notice how fine his rugged look is on him. When you shower him with easy but genuine compliments, your boyfriend can’t help but smile.

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  1. Give small surprises to convince your angry boyfriend

Since girls are generally surprised by their boyfriends, why are you not breaking the convention? It’s time to react to those little surprises your boyfriend has given you. Leave little notes that remind you how much you love him. Take him to his favourite restaurant or shop.

Buy him a comic book, his favourite. To make him feel loved, throw little surprises at him, give him no more excuse to get angry at you.

  1. Show love and care to your boyfriend


You may need to make some cookies for him to apologise or wait until he’s ready to talk about what’s happened to you. Keep in mind that every person is different and in specific ways manages discord.

What does your guy work with? Tell him that you love him and care for him profoundly, regardless of whether you are right or wrong.

  1. Be touchy and extra romantic

How to convince angry boyfriend – Let’s face that. Most men would love to be touchy-feeling with their partners, if not all. And yes, in a relationship, physical contact is important. It’s part of keeping the friendship burning.

You’re the one who knows a friend of yours so you know what works for him best. You know how to be content with him. Be extra tactile. Be romantic extra.

How to convince angry boyfriend in long distance relationship


There are kinds of conflicts that can cause even the most devoted couples to split up, but some fights are easy and too powerless to ruin a beautiful love story. For example, a long-term relationship may easily be weakened by reasons such as lack of confidence, infidelity, over protectiveness, and clinginess, particularly if it is a long-distance relationship. After a war,

Here are some tips on how to solve a long distance relationship:

  1. Take your time

Any argument with the person you love can be exhausting, mentally and physically, so don’t expect them to be in their best mood, even though you think you’ve solved the problem already.

Like a sharp knife, the things you did or the words you said to each other can hurt, so make sure to first let the wounds heal.

  1. Talk calmly to convince your boyfriend

When you’re able to talk about what happened, make sure that every doubt is addressed and that every question that comes out of the debate is answered. It will only be a matter of time before they come back to haunt your relationship again if these problems are unaddressed.

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  1. Don’t mention something that can start another dispute

When talking about the lessons you learned from your previous fight, never launch another argument. Make sure you are not in a protective and overly-sensitive state, but in an understanding and cooperative mood.

Note, you’re talking about the dilemma of not beginning another war and proving that your partner was at fault.

  1. Explain and understand both sides

Ensure that all of the parties have been discussed and understood. Don’t make the topic dominant. Only confess to the fact that you were both at fault. Give each other a chance to explain why you both did what you did and appreciate it.

  1. Stop blaming your boyfriend alone

How to convince angry boyfriend – Though your partner’s action may have sparked the war, that does not mean that what happened should be exclusively blamed on them. What if the situation was also made worse by how you reacted? What if your lack of listening made the argument more draining? What if it was poisonous and hurtful because of your words?

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  1. Say sorry and mean it

If you are the one who made a mistake, then put your pride aside and say sorry to him. Make sure you mean that. If you’re sincere, he will know; he can see it in your eyes. If your apology is sincere, he’s going to see you understand your mistake, and you’re going to know why he got upset.

  1. Tell them how much they are loved and how valuable they are

Any fight will make your partner feel unloved and lonely, so make sure that you give them the assurance that it has not caused your love for them to slip away, regardless of what happened.

Remind them that you really want them as a wife, a friend and a companion for life, even after this misunderstanding.

  1. Make an effort

Do your part and also make them know that what you have together is important to you, much like how your partner made the effort to try to repair the relationship after a war. Do a sweet or special item, or maybe give them something to cheer them up.

Never doubt, however the love of your partner for you only because they don’t want to talk or they first want to keep silent. Respect their silence and allow ample time for them to recover.

Quotes to convince angry boyfriend

  • “Darling, you left my side without saying a word to me. Your reason does not stop being true, I behaved badly without realizing it. Excuse me please“
  • “Today I want to apologize to you on one knee and not reach to tilt the other because I hope that before doing it you would accept my apologies. I love you so much“
  • “Regretting after having failed has no reason to be, I feel sorry for having made a mistake, I resign myself to leave me, I just want you to know that I love you“
  • “I had the best opportunity of all, love you and have you by my side for life, if there was a misunderstanding I didn’t have a bad intention, I adore you and I will not surrender until I get your forgiveness”
  • “If I tell you that I love you, maybe it would sound corny, after such a discussion. I admit that I didn’t live up to the circumstances; maybe I was foolish in my comments. Excuse me please”
  • “To give you many kisses is what I miss most about you, I do not know why this had to happen, just when we were going to seal our love with a commitment. I ask for your forgiveness “
  • “We always talk about lies and in this case, I did not have the courage to tell you that I was cheating on you. Excuse me please, I know you do not want to know anything about me and I have lost a great woman“
  • “Did love die? I am very sad because I know I have lost you. I confess that I did not want to do that. It was an impulse of the moment, forgive me honey, I cannot stop loving you“
  • “We have been dating for a while, but that does not give me the right to submit you to my whims, please forgive me if I was too rough when expressing myself. I assure you that it will not happen again“
  • “I know I’m not perfect, which also does not give me the right to do what I want, I know I was wrong and I did something terrible, please forgive me, I never wanted to hurt you”
  • “When someone fails, it is difficult to trust that person again. I ask you to give me a second chance, I promise not to damage our relationship or make you feel bad again. I love you so much“
  • “Forgive me for always bringing my past to our present, I know that it bothers you and it is fair if you are mad with me. I ask you to help me overcome it and live only for you. Forgive me, my love“
  • “I feel like a gale, I do not find calm in my life because I do not have you by my side, please come back to me, you are my support and my north. Excuse me darling, if I did not value you“
  • “I no longer wish to continue discussing, I just ask for your forgiveness and restart our relationship with our right foot. I hope you agree. I love you and I wish the best for both my love“
  • “I hope that this situation that has separated us is temporary, because our love should prevail. Losing our love and not making plans together would not be a good option. I love you, forgive me“
  • “When we stopped seeing each other, I began to feel that I missed you so much. Honey, I know we had an altercation and that’s why we walked away, but you’re the love of my life. Forgive me please and let’s get back“
  • “I apologize, my love, I did not want to make you feel bad, I did not think that this trance would affect you so much to the point of hurting you. I love you very much“

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