How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage? – 12 Effective Ways


How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage in Different Caste?

In this article, we will share the most effective tips on how To Convince Parents For Love Marriage, See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble to share your feelings with your parents and  to convince parents for love marriage, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.

Love marriages in India are tough. Especially when girls and boys are not within the same caste, culture, religion, economic status or nationality (considering the special marriage act of 1954). Love marriages are still regarded as an audacious move in India.

As they feel it is a matter of disgrace to their family and also consider it against their honor, many Indian parents are strictly against love marriages. “In addition, while in our society there are few Orthodox individuals who disown the inter-caste marrying couple, there are also some extremists who choose “honor-killing“. But that’s just one aspect of the picture.

How To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

How to convince parents for love marriage? – Nowadays, Indian parents have begun to accept the fact that marrying is not a ticket to a happy married life in the same “gotra” or “caste“.

They have also started to see the side effects of pushing their children into a marriage that is not based on affection or respect for each other but is done purely for the prestige of the family.

Now, we look at how to convince parents for love marriage who aren’t agreeing to a boy/girl of your choice for marriage, and how to deal with them.

12 Effective ways to Convince Parents for Love Marriage:

  1. Be sure on your Relationship to Convince your Parents for Love Marriage


It is important that you judge your relationship honestly before you make an effort to speak to your parents about your relationship. Be sure of what you expect from the relationship and whether or not you are both ready for marriage.

If even one of you is commitment-phobic, at the very last minute, it will ruin everything. You’ll fail to convince your parents of your love marriage without being sure of the relationship yourself.

  1. Treat Parents as Friends to Convince them for Marriage

How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage in Different Caste

Sometimes while children love their parents, it happens that they either do not share a good relationship with their parents or have a communication distance between them.

It may be that their thought does not fit and their parents or their parents are replaced by their peers, research, and their own personal lives and they begin to neglect or revolt.

Since you have made your mind to marry your chosen spouse, you also want your parents to support your decision as well.

In addition, try to spend time with them, discuss your friends’ subjects, and understand the opinion of your parent about the relationship problems or issues of your friend that mimic your situation.

For instance:

Maa, do you remember Rima, my friend? Her cousin’s marriage had too many problems. The guy belonged to a different caste and culture and a lot of other stuff. Eventually, however, their parents were persuaded and they were happily married. I’m amazed that they welcomed the child. It’s pretty weird, is it?

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  1. Sharing your opinion marriage & life partner with parents


If you’ve reached a certain age, then putting this discussion in front of parents is not incorrect. A dream of seeing their children get married has been woven by each parent.

In between an ongoing conversation, you can often pick up this topic. This offers you an opportunity to show the things that matter to you indirectly.

For instance:

The education, compatibility, encouragement, etc. of your partner and the things that do not matter, for instance, caste, creed, culture, etc.

This way, your parents will become aware of your marriage point of view. At that time, your parents may react or ignore it while not taking it seriously, but try to continue engaging with them now and then in these kinds of talks.

Do not do it endlessly, just at the pace of a good time. And don’t be defiant when doing so, but try to concentrate more on your feelings, your marriage & life philosophy.

  1. Let your Parents Know About your Relationship


How to convince parents for love marriage? – You have to let your parents know, either directly or indirectly by subtle clues, that there is someone special in your life. Let them know that you’ve got a girlfriend. Do not make the mistake of keeping your relationship secret, because it would hurt your parents if you do so.

As it is, Indian parents believe that on their own, their sons or daughters will never fall in love. Here are some tips we have drawn up just for that if you plan to introduce them.

By expressing your feelings with them, you need to show them respect and trust. In addition, if you conceal your relationship, then it means that you are not sure of your choice either.

  1. Show that you are Mature and Responsible Now

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Always behave in a responsible and mature way so that your parents will trust your ability to make decisions. Take a leading role, for example, in addressing any family issues; giving your parents a helping hand if and when needed.

Make sure your parents understand that you are prepared to take on the difficulties of life and are not someone who, in the face of tough times, will back off. The judgement of anyone who is inexperienced and reckless, no one can trust.

Proving them time and time again that you are trustworthy, reasonable and sensible will raise their confidence in you and they will definitely be able to comfortably embrace your love marriage. You will be able to persuade your parents that it will work for you to enjoy marriage.

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  1. Understand the view Points of your Parents


How to convince parents for love marriage? – Your parents may disapprove of your marriage, but it’s very important to listen to the viewpoint of your parents and the questions they have about your love marriage. Maybe it’s the inter-caste element, maybe they are not aware of the motives of your prospective partner.

Mind that you would not be able to deal with the problems easily without understanding what they are really thinking. They will have different reactions to your news and you need to be prepared for them too, this piece may make you smile a little.

Note: Do not get very defensive, state your position in a simple and respectful way,.

  1. Be ready to Answer to Convince your Parents for Love Marriage


Have a solid, mature and confident but polite come-back prepared in your mind for questions such as:

  • What would you do if, after marriage, he changes his mind? ”
  • What’s our family going to think about you? Your picture will be hurt”
  • Before coming to us, didn’t you feel a tinge of shame? ”
  • “What about your brothers and sisters? Will they follow your steps and put our family to shame?
  • “Why does he want to marry you?”
  • “ Why did you reject the other guys? Was it because of this guy?”
  • ‘Why haven’t you found a guy in our circle?
  • What is it about him that you want him to marry? Can’t you find it within our culture in any of the worthy bachelors? ”
  1. Take Advantage of your Relatives


You may involve your extended family, i.e. your relatives, if your parents are still stubborn and determined not to support your decision. You can try to reassure your grandparents or friends that your parents are elderly and that you are comfortable talking to them.

There is a chance that they will convince your parents. When convincing your parents, this may play a crucial role. The more support you receive from your own immediate relatives, the more you can try to understand your parents and get the courage to help you.

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  1. Introduce your Partner


You must introduce your partner now. Giving each other time to understand your partner and your parents. Before introducing your partner to your parents, give your partner a brief idea about each family member.

  1. Let your Parents See the Best in your Partner


You need to speak to your parents about this to let them know why your partner is the right life partner for you. Highlight your partner’s positive qualities as far as possible in front of your parents.

Make sure you speak about the good things that concern your parents when you do that. This will help you persuade your parents of your marriage of love.

You can also arrange a meeting with your partner and your parents so that they can meet him or her and get rid of all their questions. For this reason, if you can coach your partner about the good and the bad about your family, he or she can be able to put their best foot forward confidently.

  1. Try to Get at Least one’s Support


You’re definitely going to be close to one of your parents. So you have to make an extra effort to persuade the parent first because deep down, he/she loves and understands you a lot.

After persuading the parent who is nearest to you, half the fight will be won. Then you should take the support of your parent to speak to your other parent. But make sure that this does not build barriers between your mother and your father.

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  1. Now let Both Families Meet

The most important thing is to make your partner and your own family more secure. And when your family has begun to trust and enjoy your partner, it’s time for your parents to meet and set dates!

It’s hard to persuade a few reserved and orthodox parents, but it’s not impossible. Note that you need to be very polite, optimistic and have a sense of sympathy for your parents in the process. As I’ve written before, every parent wants their children to be happy and blessed.

Time to Take Stand for Yourself

How to convince parents for love marriage? – Parents really yearn for the improvement of their children. After all from the time you were a newborn, they raised and cherished you, and they will continue to do so until you keep growing old.

Therefore, try to pay attention to the questions they are posing about marriage. Take their critical feedback as a checkpoint for yourself as well.

After checking with your partner, if you happen to get a reality-shock, you should and should always consider reconsidering your option. See if you can do it for him. But if you know like the issues are manageable and that they can be managed properly, try to make sure your parents are the same.

You may feel weary when things do not seem to work fine between you and your parents. Try talking to your partner when you’ve sought the highest standard and none are persuaded.

He is an important part of the conversation as a whole. He should consciously pitch in and strive to trust his parents.

Nonetheless, parents may look stubborn and may not be prepared to accept your situation. You can have to give them time through those hard times, more than you expect.

However for the rest of your life, if you are more than optimistic and more than ready to take up the challenge, take a stand for yourself.

Why Is It hard To Convince Parents For Love Marriage?

According to the report, about 75% of Indians opt for arranged marriages. Needless to mention, it can be inferred that arranged marriages are profoundly rooted in the culture and customs of our country.

It is generally believed that arranged marriages are secure, that traditions and cultures are preserved, and that they are established on the basis of holding the family together.

In fact, one positive arranged marriage fact that is often mentioned by parents is that their divorce rate is much lower. But with modern lifestyle adaptation and technology development, love marriages are becoming more and more common in India.

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