How to impress your boyfriend? – 13 Proven tips


In this article, we will share our 13 proven tips on how to impress your boyfriend and 10+ Romantic ideas to impress your boyfriend, See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble to impress your boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.


Here are few tips for girls to make their boyfriend happy. If you are blessed with true love, you are lucky. Everybody desires for an ideal relationship. In a romantic relationship, you need to display attention and affection for your partner. Here are some top relationship tips about how to impress your boyfriend and keep your boyfriend happy.

13 proven tips on how to impress your boyfriend

  1. Dress to Impress


All the time, you don’t have to be in a ball gown, but put some thought and effort into what you’re wearing.

  • Impress him even when you are just lounging around at home with cool, flattering outfits.
  • To catch both his eye and nose, wear his favourite colours, or his favourite scent. If you know he’s a sucker in your closet for a specific dress, be sure to take it out on your next big night out.
  • If you know he has a favourite band or sports team, work in your daily wardrobe casually with a jersey or band t-shirt. You will certainly draw his attention, and you will seem like someone who shares his tastes.

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  1. Smile


How to impress your boyfriend? – It’s more fun to be around up-beat people, and one way to convey a sunny, easy-going mood is to smile more.

  1. Take interest in his friends


It could be that your boyfriend’s mates are nothing but nuisances to some of you. Note that your beau has a life apart from you, and if you were to take an interest in his life, he would love it. Hang out and try to get along with your friends.

Know, your boyfriend wants you to be liked by his friends and not love you. If some of his pals are flirty, stay away. If you encourage him, you will harm your relationship with your boyfriend. Without any preconceptions, handle your female friends creatively.

  • Remember, your boyfriend wants you to like his friends, but he wants you to fall in love. Keep your distance if some of his friends begin to get a little flirty.
  • Be transparent and embrace any opposite-sex mates who may have your boyfriend. He would become untrusted by becoming unnecessarily jealous of his Platonic peers. You’ll please him more by being supportive rather than dismissive of his friendships.

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  1. Smell nice


How to impress your boyfriend? – Your perfume will behave like a tycoon. When you’re away from your beau and someone wearing the same perfume your boyfriend wears passes by, don’t you feel any kind of nostalgia? Find out his fragrance of choice and wear it. For a second, he’ll not let you be alone.

  1. You should be confident


Actions can speak louder and make an even bigger impact on a guy than words.

  • By acting a little flirty, demonstrate your interest in him: touch your hair, make eye contact, lean in and touch his arm casually while talking with him.
  • Try mirroring his movements. Being in sync and exchanging messages from his body language that you’re both on the same page and the like.

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  1. Be cute and sexy


How to impress your boyfriend? – By being ready for a kiss or cuddle, keep your boyfriend impressed and pressed up close. Bring with you in your purse or car a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and perfume / cologne so that you can freshen up anytime and anywhere on the go.

  • In particular, if he likes excitement, be spontaneous and bold. Plan him a surprise party, or get tickets for something unexpected and exciting. By being able to surprise him in a positive way, you’ll impress him.
  • Surprise him with a kiss of physical affection or an unexpected display.
  • Give an impromptu massage, especially after having a long or difficult day at work.
  • Wrap your arm around his arm or place your hand in his back pocket while you’re out walking together, whether your partner is comfortable with public displays of affection.
  1. Express your feelings


Do not presume that your boyfriend can guess how you feel or what you think. Not being sure about something can lead to misunderstandings, and due to minor misunderstandings, most break-ups take place.

Do not demand extra time for your relationship from your partner. Simply speak it out. The secret is contact. Discuss stuff that is not obvious. The biggest issues can be solved through conversations.

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  1. Take interest in his hobbies


How to impress your boyfriend? – Try to at least show some interest in the type of music, movies, books, sports, or other things he cares about, even if you’re not really into some of the stuff your boyfriend is into. When you’re together, it’ll give you something to chat about and bond about.


  • Read the same books or listen to the same bands and get up to speed.
  • Ask him to select your next film or concert outing instead of choosing your own one.
  • If your boyfriend is big on sports, strive to keep his favourite team up to date and know when they’re playing. By offering to turn on the game without him even having to pull it up himself, you can score a huge impression point.
  • It is also a huge help for gift ideas to know which sports or activities he’s into. With a little gift themed around his favourite pastime or greatest passion, impress him.
  1. Be yourself


Be yourself’ and everything will go smoothly. For what you are, your boyfriend loves you. Do not alter, ever. And don’t pretend. Don’t pretend to be like another person. Be exactly like you are. If your boyfriend is not satisfied about what you are, then it’s time for the relationship to be reconsidered.

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  1. Make him look great in front of other people


How to impress your boyfriend? – Be a good sidekick by not taking the spotlight from him if your boyfriend brings you as his “Plus One” to a party or event. Rather, bring up positive tales that illustrate his qualities and set him up in front of others to shine. This will make him look amazing, and in his eyes, you look extra good.

  1. Compliment appreciate and support him


Recent relationship studies have shown that remembering the little things your boyfriend does will help to reinforce your connection for a long time.

  • Say thank you to him, particularly when he has done something without first having to ask him. It will impress him that you have heard and understand that he has been inspired by himself.
  • Brag about something good that he’s been doing for you lately, in front of his buddies or yours, with him there.
  • Let your beau know he ‘s done well, particularly when he makes an effort to help you out; by fixing something for you around the house, for example, or offering to pick up something from the supermarket.

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  1. Don’t touch your phone


How to impress your boyfriend? – Put away the phone when you spend time together, don’t try to check your email, and don’t appear to be too concerned with social media.

  • With social media, play it cool; you’ll impress him a lot more if you don’t always have to post on his page or check in on what he’s doing every minute.
  • Before calling or texting, wait a while, unless he needs you. You don’t want to appear excessively eager, clingy, or in charge.
  1. Trust him


The foundation of every relationship is trust. Showing that your boyfriend does not trust you would make him lose faith in you. Tell him, ‘I believe in you,’ ‘I believe in you,’ ‘you are right,’ ‘I believe in you,’ and stuff like that.

He’ll be glad to hear that you think you’re worth it. Until you have firm facts, never question his intuition. The key to blissful interaction is to trust each other.

11 Romantic ideas to impress your boyfriend

  • Planning a fun movie night with matching pyjamas, delicious hot chocolates, and your favourite scary movie.
  • Planning a trip to his favourite amusement park for a surprise. When you get there, don’t tell him where you’re going!
  • Give him a massage from a couple at a nice spa.
  • By setting up candles, lowering the lights and giving it a calming massage, make it a relaxing evening.
  • Send him on a romantic scavenger hunt that ends in a hotel you’ve secretly booked for his ultimate night of fun.
  • Create an indoor romantic fort filled with lots of strawberries and chocolate pillows, blankets, and romantic treats.
  • Send him a few gifts in the mail packed with nice mementos for a long distance bf, reminding him of your relationship like a framed picture, a treat or item from a store you visit together, and a cute note.
  • Sing him a classic love song, or something you’ve made up, if you sing.
  • To give it a romantic look, reserve a hotel room and check-in early.
  • Go on a ride, just you two.
  • Make him have a candlelight dinner in the background with soft music.

Love is a beautiful emotion. A sweet temptation is passion. Eternal is devotion. So, impress your darling and keep showering him with affection. Someone has said that you’d be able to give up anything for them if you love them, but if they love you back, they’d never ask you to.

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