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how to impress an interviewer

This article is specially written for job seekers who don’t know how to impress an interviewer successfully.

A job interview is a perfect opportunity to market yourself to prospective employers and your skills. Job interviews are short, 20 to 30 minutes generally, and you need to make the most of that time. From your initial introduction to leaving the workplace, there are a number of ways to please your interviewer.

You can be set apart from other candidates by a combination of strong planning, self-confidence, and common courtesy.

how to impress an interviewer
how to impress an interviewer

Based on this part of the recruiting process, they will decide if the process will proceed or come to a screeching halt or not. You’re probably thinking, no matter what the situation,… how can I stand out in the crowd and impress my interviewer(s)? Here’s how

15 proven ways to impress an interviewer:

  1. Be Updated:

Never go into an interview without the company’s prior knowledge. This conveys a lack of interest on your part and appreciation. In the days leading up to an interview, conduct careful study. Study the mission and values of the organisation. You may want to make sure that you come off as a good match for the culture of the business. There should be a section with a mission statement on the company’s website. To get a sense of their ethos, you can also join the business on social media.

  • Read up on the company’s most recent reports. Business websites also have a chapter devoted to press releases and news reports. You may also look for the name of the company on Google News.
  • Find out who’ll be your interviewer. Often in the email asking you to come in for an interview, this is revealed. If you don’t, you can politely apply for their name. On LinkedIn and Twitter, study the interviewer. This increases your chance of connecting and, in turn, landing the job.
  • Understand what expertise the organisation values. On their website, look at the career page and pay careful attention to the desired qualifications listed on their work articles. This offers you the chance to learn more about a given organisation and to explore what things to highlight in your skill set and career background.
  1. Check your social handles:


Checking the Twitter and Facebook accounts of potential employees is not unusual for employers. Before going into an interview, make sure your social media profile is clean.

  • A poor attitude can be an obstacle to jobs, and individuals sometimes complain on Twitter and Facebook. Delete tweets or statues that show concerns about friends, family members, or corporations.
  • As a future employee, bad words do not reflect well on you. Be sure to delete all obscenities.
  • You can temporarily deactivate your Facebook or Twitter profile the week before your interview if you want to err on the side of caution. Privacy settings can also be changed such that only such posts are available to the public.

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  1. Be punctual:

How to impress an interviewer? – Although it’s a huge no-no to arrive late for an interview, many people don’t know arriving exactly on time can also reflect negatively on you. Arriving early represents the skills of initiative, motivation, and good time management. The target is to arrive early 10 to 15 minutes early, but no sooner. Everybody may place pressure on your interview earlier to perform the interview early.

  • While waiting, keep off your phone. Through your smart phone, there is always a chance of having distressing information. You don’t want something from the interview to take your attention away.
  • Check any notes you have briefly, but do not go overboard as your anxiety will be exacerbated by this. Simply search for what you jotted down.
  • Sit right down and be careful. Even when waiting, express confident body language as this will set the stage for your interview.
  1. Dress to impress:

If you’re talking about flipping burgers or running a country, show up dressed to impress. Although a suit is no longer the only way to dress appropriately for interviews, in most cases, it is still a good go-to.

To be completely positive, ask the company what their dress code is before the day of your interview or do a little research on your own about the appropriate interview attire for various circumstances. At the end of the day however, overdressing is still better than underdressing.

  1. Be frank:


How to impress an interviewer? – The moment you reach an office, your interview begins. When you make your way through a place of business, treat any secretaries or other workers with courtesy. Afterwards, your interviewer will ask about your actions, so be sure to be polite and involved with anyone you encounter and not just the person conducting the interview.

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  1. Work on handshake:

How to impress an interviewer? – It is important to have a strong handshake. This would be the first chance to impress an interviewer. Neither too limp nor too hard should a handshake be. For interviewers, both approaches are off-putting.

Do not put up a hand that is flimsy or sweaty. Instead, give a strong handshake, with one or two pumps from the elbow to the side, when meeting prospective employers or interviews. It’s a good way to demonstrate your confidence and start the interview on the correct note.

  1. Show powerful body language:


From the moment you enter the room Use body language which conveys trust and respect. Follow the leader when you’re being guided to an interview. This indicates that you value their position of control over you. On the floor beside you, place some things, such as a briefcase or purse.

Holding on to these things is uncomfortable and distracting during an interview. It could be seen as invasive to put them on the interviewer’s desk.

Sit up straight, showing your spine, chest and stomach. Don’t lean over. That makes you look anxious or hostile. Hold your hands above the desk and below the bone of your neck while you are gesturing. You don’t want to be over-excited, which may throw the interviewer off.

  1. Allow the pause:

How to impress an interviewer? – The most impressive candidates control their desire to fill every room with impulsive responses and tentative “um”s and “uh”s. When asked, take a moment to think about your answer or identify an apt storey, and then start talking. The pause is all right, and it also demonstrates the ability to be calm and composed.

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  1. Bring an extra copy of your CV:

The value of paper continues to exist in our increasingly digital world. Having a resume to reference makes it easier to share the highlights of your career, guarantees that they fit well with what you shared on your resume, and shows preparedness in the event that the interviewer does not have a copy.

  1. Discuss what you can do for their company:


How to impress an interviewer? – Instead of sharing your skills and knowledge in a fully general sense, share how you feel that your skills and knowledge contribute to the position you are applying for and in the organization as a whole.

If you can find them online prior to the interview, link to the vision and aims of the company and help them visualize you as a team individual in the company.

All of this means “tailoring” your experience to the position because it’s at the core of what interviewers want to know, because it shows them that you’re not only looking for a job, but for their job.

  1. Be prepared:

No there’s no way to know for sure what exact questions an interviewer would have asked to you but there’s certainly a bunch of standard interview questions that you might use as a reference.

Being completely prepared not only helps you from being stumped by the question in the interview, but it also helps to demonstrate that you take this opportunity seriously, that you care enough to put your time into proper planning, and also to make the interview more smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  1. Be memorable:


How to impress an interviewer? – Know that you compete with the other candidates for a single career onslaught. If you can find the right ways to stand out, this might lead to a good landing of the job. If there’s something you’re interested in in in the interviewer’s office, bring it up.

This is particularly useful if you have mutual interests. People are more likely to remember, and recruit, people they love. If for example, you see a photo of your horse riding interview, inquire about it and casually mention that you used to take riding lessons as a child.

The interviewer is likely to ask a general question, like How are you today Think of a creative, humorous response. Instead of saying something like, “Ok” or I’m fine,” try using unforgettable adjectives like, “Great” or Doing Fantastic.

” You might also build your own response, linking your mood to something interesting in your day. Like, “Great, honestly, the drive over here was so scenic that it put me in a fantastic mood.”

Leave a picture of resume or jobs. That way, even after you leave, the interviewer will have a tangible reminder of your presence.

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  1. Be positive, polite and respectful:

You can do anything else “right” in the interview, but if you see yourself as being really negative and/or lacking in good manners or trust, it will make every interviewer second guess whether you have the right personality traits they’re looking for in new hires that will make you enjoy working with.

  1. Smoothly leave:

Your departure is as vital as your arrival, so make sure to exit the interview with grace and class. Gather your belongings calmly. Try not to lose something or stumble.

Once again, shake hands, following correct procedure. Make sure you at least shake hands with the hiring manager if you can’t easily shake hands with anyone present.

You might be tempted to try to read the body language of your interviewer for signs of how you have done it, but this may cause undue anxiety. You don’t want to indulge in any actions that should interfere with your confidence.

  1. Follow-Up:

Sending a follow-up note or email will keep you fresh in the mind of the team and reinforce the fact that you are a courteous and considerate person, all great things to do no matter where you are in the recruitment process, but particularly if you were interviewed early in the selection process. Schedule your phone call or email follow-up as early as the day of the interview or the next morning.

Top 11 phrases that will impress your interviewer:

  1. “I am someone who takes responsibility for their actions”
  2. “I have high earnings expectations because I am confident in my abilities”
  3. “I know how to control my emotions and remain calm in situations others cannot”
  4. “I am never satisfied with my current knowledge”
  5. “Interpersonal intelligence is one of my greatest skills”
  6. “I like to be part of the solution at all times”
  7. “I’m very loyal and very stable”
  8. “I pride myself on being autonomous”
  9. ” I will only work for a visionary company that I can buy into”
  10. “I would describe myself as passionate, hard working, optimistic, team oriented”
  11. “Learning under experienced, intelligent management is important to me”

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