11 Proven ways on how to flirt with a girl


In this article, we will share our 11 Proven ways on how to flirt with a girl. See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble to flirt with a girl, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.


Flirting isn’t something that everybody is naturally good at. When they see their crush approaching them in the hallways, even the most self-assured people will freeze up and utter a wimpy “hello.” But don’t be concerned.

If you have trouble flirting, we have plenty of ways to help you master the art and get your crush’s attention.

11 Proven ways on how to flirt with a girl:

Be confident in yourself


How to flirt with a girl – There’s nothing sexier than confidence, believe me. If you’re strutting down the halls like you own them, your crush (and everyone else) will note. Your crush would be interested to discover more about the girl who recognises her own uniqueness.

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Girls can tell if you’re anxious to speak to them based on your body language. Make sure you’re speaking loudly enough for them to hear you, and that you’re not staring at the ground while doing so.

Groom yourself


Take a shower, brush your teeth, pick out some clothes you like, and apply deodorant and possibly cologne before going out or spending time socialising with a girl you think is attractive. To feel secure, make sure your hair is neat, you are well-dressed, and you smell fine.

Remember that being self-assured does not imply boasting or flaunting. Simply approaching someone and striking up a conversation will give you trust.

How to flirt with a girl – If you become clearly anxious during a discussion, such as sweating or shaking hands, take a break from the conversation and go to the bathroom to calm down.

Show interest in their life


How to flirt with a girl – Everyone enjoys receiving compliments, and almost everyone enjoys talking about themselves. Don’t let an opportunity to speak with your crush pass you by.

Ask them several questions about their lives and demonstrate that you are really interested. They’ll appreciate your interest in them, and they’ll eagerly anticipate another conversation with you.

For example

you might say, “Your hair is lovely, and the colour really brings out your eyes.” You might also say, “Your Nirvana shirt caught my eye. That is my all-time favourite band!”

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“I want to congratulate you on getting an A on that chemistry test, I thought it was really hard!” you might say if you know her a little better.

Give her sweet smile & say hey


How to flirt with a girl – It’s the scariest feeling in the world when you’re walking down the hall and see your crush approaching. Your natural response would be to look down at your phone and appear to be in the middle of a heated text exchange, but forget those impulses and look up and smile at them.

There’s no need to start a major debate (unless you want to!). Take a half-second to wave and say hello before continuing on your way. You’ll be on your crush’s radar in no time.

Ask about her interests


How to flirt with a girl – You’ll want to hear more about a girl you’ve never met before while you’re talking to her. To give her a chance to reveal more of her interests and personality, ask open-ended questions that don’t need a “yes” or “no” answer.

“Have you had any fun adventures lately?” you might ask a girl you’ve just met. or, “Can you tell me about something that fascinates you?”

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If you know her, ask her about stuff you might have in common, such as “How did you do on that history project?” or “What did you do this weekend?” That way, she’ll have a chance to speak and you’ll have a chance to answer.

Be Funny to flirt with a girl


How to flirt with a girl – Having a good sense of humour is clearly attractive to girls. You aren’t flirting if you don’t do this. The first two points can be combined with your amusing actions.

However, instead of telling jokes, say funny stories if you have any. If not, just make amusing comments in response to what she says.

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Avoid bringing up a funny storey at random because it might seem that you are attempting too hard.

Keep the storey short to avoid boring the girl, and keep an eye out for signs of boredom. If you notice her staring off, finish your storey and move on to a different subject.

Ignore her to get her

Doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive? Consider the possibility of running into your crush and a group of their mates at McDonald’s. Introduce yourself to their mates first and start up a conversation. Until you turn around and include them, your crush would feel a little left out (and make their day).

Take a look at their dress.

How to flirt with a girl – Ask a few questions about their band shirt or sports jacket if they’re wearing one. It will make you seem honest and involved in their lives, and it will initiate a pleasant discussion in which you will learn more about one another.

Make them to notice you staring at them.

I understand why this seems to be so scary. When someone catches you looking, you usually look away quickly so they don’t notice you’re drooling while watching them eat a hamburger. But instead, try this next time.

Touch her lightly


How to flirt with a girl – Small movements like a touch on the arm, sitting near, or brushing her hair behind her ear are appreciated by many girls. Make reasons to make physical contact with her, as this will make her feel more at ease in your presence.

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Taking her hand and leading her somewhere or sitting next to her at a table where your legs will touch is a perfect way to make contact.

You should back off if she becomes uneasy or steps away.

Gently tease her


How to flirt with a girl – Making the transition from friendship to something more intimate can be challenging for girls you already meet. Bring up any inside jokes you’ve exchanged before, such as embarrassing stories or memories, to remind her of how close you are.

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For instance, you might say, “Wow, Jenna, your shoes are almost as bright as your smile!”

If you know her well, steer clear of issues about which she is sensitive. Things like looks and intellect can never be discussed.


Relax and note that it’s not the end of the world if one girl isn’t interested. There a plenty of other people who would gladly welcome your advances.

Best of luck, and have fun flirting!

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