How to make your girlfriend happy?


In this article, we will share our 22 Proven tips on How to make your girlfriend happy. See, everybody deserves to be happy, and if you’ve always had trouble to make your girlfriend happy, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In this life, there are no hopeless issues.


22 tips on how to make your girlfriend happy:

  1. Make her laugh to make her happy

When asked how she feels about her husband in an interview, Blake Lively replied, “He makes me laugh, he makes everything fun around him.” Knowing how to make your girlfriend laugh is one of the characteristics of an ideal boyfriend. You will see her happier in the relationship if you can make her laugh all the time.

  1. Pamper her to make your girlfriend happy

How to make your girlfriend happy – All girls enjoy being pampered, regardless of how disciplined your girlfriend is. They won’t admit how much they want to be pampered, but it’s one of their deepest desires.

Do everything you can to pamper her. Get her, her favourite meal, massage her when she’s in pain, and smother her with kisses. Pamper your girlfriend with spa sessions and other gifts like jewellery every now and then to make her happy.

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  1. Love letters or Cute little texts

So, what’s the best way to make your girlfriend happy over text? You can give her cute one-liners or tell her how excited you are to meet her. Tell her how much you love her and how much you miss her.

Some cute texts to make your girlfriend happy:

  • I smile whenever I get a message from you
  • I promise to always be on your side. (You know, unless I’m under you, or on top, or we’re trying something weird and diagonal.) 😜
  • You are amazing and perfect in every way. Damn, autocorrect. I mean good morning.
  • I could totally go for some of you right now.
  • Man, my cheeks hurt. I need to stop smiling so much, but I can’t stop. This is all your fault.
  • Things I want right now: 1. You 2. I forget. Oh ya, you.
  • I like you a lot. Like, a lot a lot.
  • If I choose texting you over sleep, you must be pretty special.
  • Never forget, I love you now and forever!
  • I’ve been thinking about you all day. Can’t wait to see you later!
  • Morning, love! Hope you’re having a good day.
  1. Tell her “I love you”

How to propose a girl on chat
How to propose a girl on chat

How to make your girlfriend happy – The simplest way to make your girlfriend happy! Always express your love for her and how lucky you are to have her in your life. Show her how much you value her presence.

Look her in the eyes and tell her how much you adore her. It will make her feel special and valued if you tell her how much you love her.

Allowing her to know how much you adore her and how special she is to you will not break your money but will undoubtedly make her happy.

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  1. Use the smell of flowers to make her happy

Girls adore flowers; they are one of their heart’s secrets. Flowers aren’t just for special occasions; they can be given at any time to make someone feel loved. Bring a bouquet of flowers to her office. Such actions would make her blush and make her feel special. Sing See Soon( has a wide range of beautiful flowers for you to choose from to make the perfect flower bouquet for your girlfriend. Check them out today!

  1. Ask about her day

At least, call her once a day to ask about her day or what she is up to. She’ll be grateful for it, and it’ll make her feel special.

  1. Show your respect towards her

How to make your girlfriend happy – A man who knows how to treat his wife is looked up to by women. Respect her, and respect her views and opinions. Include her in any major decisions you make. Such actions make a girlfriend happy, and they believe they have selected the right person.

You can also show respect by:

  • You should not yell at your girlfriend, call her names, or talk down to her.
  • Treating her on an equal footing.
  • If she asks you to stop doing something, you must comply.
  • If you see other people being disrespectful to her, speak up for her.
  • Allowing her space and allowing her to spend time alone or with other friends.
  1. Appreciate your girlfriend


She is someone truly unique who brings you joy. Thank her for the little things she does for you and appreciate the effort she puts into the relationship.

You can make her day by sending her a small thank you note. When a man finds and appreciates a woman’s efforts, she feels special.

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  1. Build strong relations with your girlfriend

How to make your girlfriend happy – Everyone has people in their lives who are their pillars of support. Those who mean the most to her are her family and close friends. Make an effort to get to know and develop relationships with the people who are important to her. She’ll adore it.

  1. Give warm hug to your girlfriend

Girlfriends like cuddling with their boyfriends. It serves as a safe haven for them. And, don’t you think, hugs are soothing? Continue to hug and pamper her.

She’ll feel like a child being pampered so lavishly by her boyfriend. Demonstrate to her that you can’t take your hands off her because you’re so in love with her. These are the kinds of things that make a girlfriend happy.

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  1. Smother her with continuous kisses

When you first meet her, smother her with kisses. She’ll be surprised to see you kissing her so suddenly, but you’ll also notice a smile on her face as a result of those kisses.

Make sure she doesn’t mind being kissed and that your relationship is in a good place.

  1. Hold her hand to make her feel special


Hold her hand in public, particularly if you’re with your friends. It will show her that you are proud of her and are not afraid to show it to your friends. She’ll be more at ease.

  1. Cook for your girlfriend

How to make your girlfriend happy – Almost every girlfriend fantasises about her boyfriend preparing meals for her. Girlfriends adore it when their boyfriend prepares meals for them. No matter how bad of a cook you are, the effort you put in to cook for her will make her happy.

Look up recipes and experiment with new dishes. Nowadays, you don’t even have to walk to the grocery store to get your groceries. Simply order what you need.

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  1. Compliment her to make her happy

Girls adore compliments, particularly when they come from their boyfriends. Continue to compliment her on the things you admire about her, whether it’s how she looks, how soft her skin is, or even her personality. She’ll appreciate it if you notice these details about her.

  1. Don’t leave her alone

If you’re both going to a friend’s party, don’t leave her alone to hang out with your other friends, especially if she doesn’t know anyone else. Stay by her side and make her feel at ease. Attend to her needs so that she does not feel lonely or distressed.

  1. Be nice to her close ones

How to make your girlfriend happy – Getting along with her friends and family will give your girlfriend peace of mind because it means she will have a life free of conflicts with the people she cares about. She’ll be relieved to know that her boyfriend, friends, and family are all getting along well.

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  1. Share everything with her


What’s yours is hers, whether it’s something tangible like your bicycle or something intangible like your secrets. She would be pleased if you share things with her without hesitation. Be honest and trustworthy with her, as she will be honest and trustworthy with you.

  1. Show her that she is the only one

You may be a social and outgoing person with a large number of female friends. Because she doesn’t know these people, she may feel a little insecure at first.

Demonstrate to her that she is the only one who matters to you by making her the only one you want to be with. Your girlfriend will be happy and secure knowing she is with someone who is devoted to her.

  1. Go somewhere with your girlfriend

How to make your girlfriend happy – It feels better to plan a week together to get away from all the stress at work. This will also assist you in rekindling your relationship’s passion and enthusiasm.

Traveling together is probably one of the relationship goals that girls have. So it would be satisfying if you could assist her in achieving her relationship achievements.

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  1. Be true to make your girlfriend happy


Being true to your partner from the beginning is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Avoid lying to her because it will finally come to light, causing a schism in your relationship.

Tell her everything, no matter how bad it is. She will comprehend. It will make a girlfriend happy to know that her boyfriend loves her.

  1. Romance is the fuel for every relationship

How to make your girlfriend happy – For most people, physical touch is an important part of a romantic relationship. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, or giving your girlfriend a backrub are all ways to express your love for her. Simply ask her what she is comfortable with and respect her wishes if she does not want to be touched!

For many couples, sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, but try to incorporate nonsexual physical touch as well. If your kisses and hugs don’t always come with strings attached, your girlfriend will likely feel more at ease—and enjoy your intimate moments more!

  1. Surprise her to make your girlfriend happy

It’s important to plan time together, but a surprise here and there will help keep things interesting. Plan a mystery date, give her an unexpected gift “just because,” or cook her favourite dessert for her.

Don’t worry about going overboard with your surprise. It could be as easy as leaving a small love note for her to discover.

Every girl wants a man who will make her happy, fulfilled, and loved. Someone with whom she can be herself, knowing that her boyfriend will love all aspects of her, even the strange and dark ones. Be that man for her, and she’ll always have a smile on her face because she knows you’ll make her day.

What are you waiting for now that you know how to make your girlfriend happy? Start working on making your girlfriend feel like the luckiest and happiest person on the planet.

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