Marion Jolles Grosjean and Jordan Bratman: Two Different Ways of Seeing World


Marion Jolles Grosjean is known to be regarded as one of the French journalists who was born and was seen presenting auto moto work for TF1 and also for Denis Brongniart and on Sunday mornings she is present since 2005. She is known for her occupation as a sports journalist, and television presenter and also her spouse is Romain Grosjean. And her height is 5 ft. 3.75 inch and she is present in the television industry since 2015.

Education and Career

She was born in Saint – Etienne to the department of Loire and also was known to study journalism in Paris and also meanwhile her regular internships were disrupted. And then she was known to study and work for Canada and then she graduated with a special degree in journalism.


Personal Life

She married racing driver Romania Grosjean and who was known to be born on 27th June 2012 in France where these couple met once and then they were dating for three years. She has also seen appearing in various television programmes and also began her career with the channel Eurosport and also she possesses a lot of confessions. She also has two sons who are Sacha who is born on 29th July 2013 and Simon who is born on 18th May 2015 around July 2017 she announced her third child. She also appears in the automotive version of TF!. She is present on television actively since 2015  and also after that she was known to graduate from the university with a special degree in bilingual journalism that is both for the French and English.


Article On Jordan Bratman

Jordan Bratman is regarded as one of the American music producers and also the one who is previously married to the songwriter Christina Aguilera.  He started his career as a musician and was also part of various internship studios and programs after that he married her in 2005. And they have a son together who is known as Max. And then this couple got separated and got divorced from her husband in and around 2011.



After that, he became successful and also earn a bachelor’s degree at B.A. in business management and also then he began searching for work and then he shifted to Louisiana and then where he become a music producer. After that this couple they get separated in 2010 and also a divorce is also finalized in 2011. After that, he became very much successful and was indulge in doing many projects also was seen in and has the like the work of Madonna and Michael Jackson which draws inspiration from him to learn new things. And he finds his inspiration in Michael Jackson and wanted to become successful like him in his career. Also he was seen appearing in various movies such as TLC and Pink. After that he then moved to other countries such as Los Angeles for the work and also wanted to create the soundtracks for  its upcoming projects such as Honey.