Lenore Castlevania and Jade Carey: Two Different Lives


She is one of the characters which is majorly known to introduce in season 3 then after that she is known to be one of the four queens and also a member of the council of sisters and also she is known to serve and live as a diplomat. She was also known to convince the hector and she is known to help various councils in order to build the army of night creatures. She is also then voiced by Jessica Brown Findlay for the English version.


She becomes very popular for the role of Queen of Styria who is also regarded as a diplomat. And she belongs to the vampire species and is also of age around 20 years. Mostly her appearance is on Bless your dead little hearts and her relatives are fathers and mothers. She has a partnership with Carmilla and the hector and is voiced by Japanese by Ayaka Kurogi. Her status is deceased. She is affiliated by the council of sisters.


She has grown as a human and was a child of war. During  the age of 5 and also sees and also implies and also become a very noble person which possesses very high status.

She appears to be a diplomat and was charged with making and persuading skills and also when it is needed. Also was the charge of making peace with the neighbouring countries. She is also known to be the castle and also known for soldiers which climbed up the toilets.


Article On Jade Carey

Jade Carey is one of the first American artists who is known to represent the summer Olympics in Tokyo. And also appear in various championships such as the 2022 world championship, the 2019 world silver medallist and also 2018 pan American championships She won various silver medals for the 2017 world Olympics and was regarded as the sixth most decorated U.S. female gymnastic of the year at that time.



Her full name is Jade Ashytn Carey and also she is known to represent the United States country and also was known to born on 27th may, 2000 and also her hometown is Phoenix, Arizona  U.S.  and her place of residence is Corvallis Oregon, U.S.  and also she represents her college team is Oregon State Beavers and her head coach is Brian Carey and Tanya Chaplin and her assistant coaches are Pam Evans. Her choreographer is Betty Okino.

She is then announced her decision of pursuing this gymnastics level just after completing NCAA gymnastics. Also she is used to earn score of very good score and which is termed as the highest and just behind Trinity Thomas.


Personal Life

She was born mostly and raised in phoenix and her parents were Brian Carey and also Danielle Mitchell Greenberg and who divorced when she was very young. After that, she began doing gymnastics and from 2022 she is known to attend Mountain High school which is situated in Glendale, Arizona and then she graduated at the year 2018 from the school.

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