Pamela Ann Stepnick wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Husband, & Net Worth

Pamela Ann Stepnick

A successful nurse, Pamela Ann Stepnick, turned successful YouTuber

If you are a Gen z, you most probably have heard of Jake and Logan Paul and how big of an influencer he is. Now, have you heard of Pamela Ann Stepnick

If yes, here’s more on Pamela and the achievements of her life: 

Who is Pamela Ann Stepnick?

Pamela Ann was born in the US on the 27th of July, 1963. She studied to become a successful nurse and started working in the UHHS Westlake Surgery centers. Later in life, she started a YouTube channel named ‘Vlogmom, and now has more than 700k subscribers. She married Greg Paul, to further give birth to Jake and Logan Paul. 

The physical appearance of Pam Stepnick 

Pam Stepnick loves wearing midi skirts, in which she looks adorable standing at a height of 5’1 feet tall. Unfortunately, there’s less information about her weight and other physical appearance details. 

Family of Pamela Ann Stepnick 

With Gregory Paul, Pamela has given birth to two successful influencers – Jake and Logan Paul. Currently, both have parted ways and the reason for the divorce between Greg and Pamela is kept private. Long after the divorce settlement was over, Pamela decided to remarry in 2004 to David. However, Greg and Pamela still have connections and were also seen doing a video together for YouTube. 

The early life of Pam Stepnick 

In 2023, Pamela will be 60 years old. As a young student, she was brilliant and later studied nursing, after which she had a successful nursing career as well. She then left her job as a nurse to become a full-time vlogger, much like her two sons. 

What did Pamela Ann Stepnick study?

As mentioned earlier, Pamela Ann Stepnick pursued a career, wherein, she became a registered nurse. She took up the job as a nurse at UHHS Westlake Surgery Center to slowly shift elsewhere in the coming years. 

Professional career of Pam Stepnick 

After leaving her job as a nurse, Pamela started her own YouTube channel, being inspired by her son- Jake and Logan. She started her ‘Vlogmom’ channel in 2017, and her channel grew by 700k subscribers within a year by 2018. Pamela is, unfortunately not actively running her channel at the moment.  

What is the relationship status of Pam Stepnick? 

After the marriage between Pamela and Greg ended, she met David. Both dated for years until Pamela and David married in 2004. 

Married life of Pamela Ann Stepnick 

Pamela Ann Stepnick married twice in her lifetime, first with Greg, and second with David. Although her first marriage seemed to be a little off-putting, Pamela appears happy in her existing marriage with David. 

What is the biggest achievement of Pam Stepnick? 

The biggest accomplishment for Pamela is assumably her YouTube channel which rose so big only in a year. Her first video that has her learning twerking from Tessa gained over 3.4 M views in no time. As of now, she has managed to thrive her YouTube account with over 700k subscribers. 

Social Media of Pamela Ann Stepnick

It was only in 2012, that Pamela registered on Twitter. Currently, she also has an Instagram account with around 461k followers. She’s a proud mother showing off her son all over Instagram. 

What is the Net worth of Pam Stepnick? 

The successful YouTube career and various sponsorship made Pamela super rich with an estimated $1 Million as her net worth


Pamela Ann Stepnick is a role model to a lot of mums. She has never quit learning and teaches the world, too, to stay strong and never to give up through her actions. Pamela leads a lavish and dream life right now, that many could only imagine. 

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