Winifer Fernandez and Koutarou Amon: Two Major Players


Winifer Fernandez is one of the Dominican female volleyball players and her full name is Winifer Maria Fernandez Perez and has Dominican nationality and also was born on 6th January 1995 in Santiago de los Caballeros and the Dominican Republic. And her hometown is Cienfuegos. She then becomes very much successful as a volleyball player and after that, she completed her education and was also known for participating in the 2015 FIVB club world championship. After that, her photos from the training went viral and in July 2016 all the photos went to the media.


Personal Life

She was born on 6th January 1995 and also hails from the Dominican Republic after that she started playing volleyball at the very young age of 10. She also started discovering new things and then after that, she was seen relocated to Santo Domingo to join the national team around 2009. Then after that, she was also seen be the part of national volleyball team which plays an important role and pursue a degree in business administration. After that, she was seen to appear in the volleyball team and did her education in business administration after that she described herself as a sick person. But who sometimes appears to be smart to the whole society? And her career ranges from 2008 till 2017.



In 2017 she was ranked as the top 10 beautiful athletes in the world. And also was seen playing for the 2017 FIVB U23 World cup championship in Slovenia and was seen winning various awards finally, she won the U23 tournament which is a gold medal for the 2017 Bolivarian games.


Article On Koutarou Amon

He is one of the former first-world-class players and was also serve as the last partner as a Ghoul investigator and was also seen to partner with Akira Mado he was subsequently declared dead by most of the CCG vend after that his body was distinguished for the service and also he was declared alive after that he possess one artificial eye ghoul.



Koutarou Amon appears to have tall, and handsome and also possesses black hair and tall eyes. He has distinctly eyebrows and has also undergone vigorous training and he used to wear that white coat which appears to be on the top of the suit. After that, he also possesses a kakugen in his right eye.

His outfit appears to be very much high collared and mostly he posses blade which is used to regenerate with his four fingers  and also uses his right hand for the regeneration of the five fingers.


His name is koutarou amon and also belongs to the Floppy species and also belongs to the human species formerly. Now he is being seen as the artificial series of the Artificial the one whose eye is the ghoul. His status is alive and comes from the male gender and born on 7th April. His alies were Floppy, A0-owl and also Robed Giant. And his romaji is amon Kotaro.