Strategic Design Education: Courses that Define Success in New Delhi

In the heart of India’s vibrant capital, New Delhi, École Intuit Lab has established itself as a beacon for design education. Collaborating with the JS Institute of Design, École Intuit Lab New Delhi was founded in 2021, offering a unique educational experience that blends cultural richness, strategic design thinking, and digital expertise. As we explore the dynamic design landscape of the city, we delve into the programs and philosophy that make École Intuit Lab a transformative hub for aspiring designers.

Design Colleges in New Delhi: A Hub for Reflection and Learning

One of École Intuit Lab’s three campuses in India, École Intuit Lab is a school committed to encouraging introspection, education, and proficiency in the fields of design and digital media. This campus was created in partnership with the JS Institute of Design and is ideally situated in the center of New Design Colleges New Delhi. It offers students exposure to the newest trends in design, industry mentorship, and practical projects that prioritize real-world applications.

Courses Shaping Success: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Offerings

  1. The undergraduate courses at École Intuit Lab New Delhi cover a spectrum of design disciplines:
  2. Visual Communication & Digital Design: Equipping students with skills to navigate the visual and digital realms.
  3. Game Art & Design: Immersing students in the world of game development, from aesthetics to production cycles.
  4. Digital Product Design: Translating ideas into functional products through computational technologies.

For those seeking advanced expertise, the postgraduate course, Advertising, Design & Digital Communication, offers an intensive 18-month program. This comprehensive curriculum prepares students for the fast-paced design industry through real-time client projects, workshops with industry stalwarts, and a mandatory 3-month internship.

Art & Culture: The Cultural Mosaic of New Delhi With its dynamic cultural landscape and syncretic past, New Delhi offers an inspirational environment for design education. The city’s museums, art galleries, open-air concerts, contemporary art exhibitions, and literary talks contribute to its unique character.New Delhi is a popular destination for well-known writers, artists, architects, and intellectuals due to its multiculturalism. The city’s contemporary attitude and rich cultural legacy foster an environment that is ideal for the development of fresh talent.

École Intuit Lab New Delhi: A Design Hub in the Capital

École Intuit Lab’s New Delhi campus is not just an educational institution; it’s a hub for design aspirants looking to immerse themselves in a dynamic learning environment. The strategic collaboration with the JS Institute of Design ensures that students benefit from a curriculum that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing practical applications through hands-on projects. With its dynamic cultural landscape and syncretic past, New Delhi offers an inspirational environment for design education. 

Global Design Perspectives: Nurturing Multicultural Thinkers

Students of École Intuit Lab New Delhi are global thinkers with a profound comprehension of the implications of multiculturalism on design, not simply designers. The school’s philosophy, emphasizing belonging to many cultures, is reflected in its vast international network. Students have opportunities to engage in exchanges and internships abroad, essential in an era where design transcends geographical boundaries. New Delhi’s cultural and linguistic diversity further enriches this experience, and students are encouraged to incorporate this diversity into their design thinking.

Synthesizing Art, Culture, and Design: École Intuit Lab’s Unique Approach

Situated amidst the cultural grandeur of New Delhi, École Intuit Lab weaves together the threads of art, culture, and design in an unparalleled educational journey. The programme is comprehensive and covers everything from digital innovation to interior design thanks to the affiliation with the JS Institute of Design. The pedagogy balances formal lectures with studio-based project work, shaping well-rounded professionals. Design education at École Intuit Lab New Delhi transcends conventional boundaries, drawing inspiration from the city’s architectural marvels and international influences. This, along with cross-border cooperation, develops designers who are confident and culturally aware enough to compete on the world stage.


Finally, with courses that foster a strategic design perspective in addition to imparting skills, École Intuit Lab Design courses New Dehli emerges as a strategic hub for design education. The programs are designed to blend cultural richness with technological expertise, preparing students for success in the design industry. As New Delhi continues to thrive as a cultural and intellectual center, École Intuit Lab ensures that its graduates are not just designers but visionary leaders with a global perspective. The campus’s commitment to strategic design education positions it at the forefront of shaping the next generation of design leaders in the capital city and beyond.