How to Stay Warm in Winter without Paying Hefty Bills?

Living in a cold environment may deteriorate your health. You may not be able to focus on your work and household chores. Unless your body does not feel the comfort and warmth in winter, everything will fall apart. There are plenty of ways to stay warm during winter in the UK. 

One of the best ways is to turn on your heating system and warm yourself up. And if you are looking forward to spending a good weekend night, just tune into some Netflix series. 

However, turning on the heating system comes with a cost. In recent years, the residents of the UK have been slapped with hefty bills due to an increase in energy costs. 

As a result, the majority of households are unable to afford to turn on the heating system. But there is surely a way to cut down on your bills. Just equip yourself with a new boiler and see the difference. The reason is old boilers are not energy efficient and consume more power with less heat. Comparatively, new boilers are energy-efficient reduce carbon emissions, and lessen your energy bills. 

If you are one of those households with low income or rely on government financial assistance, you can get a grant for new boiler. However, you need to fulfill certain requirements to meet the eligibility such as owning a home in the UK, getting state benefits, and having EPC ratings of D or below. 

Whether you have a heating system at home or not, you can adopt plenty of ways to stay warm and cozy. Having a heating system does not mean you can keep the system running all day long and expect low energy bills.

If you want to lower your energy bills and feel comfortable in the winter, make sure to stick to this post. We are going to discuss some of the cheap ways to stay warm this winter. Let’s get started. 

Choose One Room to Heat

You may have a favorite room or corner in your house where you prefer to sit most of the time with your family. Make sure before turning on the heating system, tell everyone to come into the room to heat it up. Instead of heating the whole house, it is better to save energy and keep everyone warm and comfortable. 

It is best to choose a small room that can be easily warmed up without consuming much energy. Don’t forget to close the doors and windows, and cover the gaps with a cloth or draught. This will prevent heat loss and keep your room warm for a longer time. 

Wear Warm Clothes 

Staying warm in the winter isn’t costly if you do it wisely. After you turn off the heater, it is better to cover yourself up with warm clothes and other accessories. For instance, wearing warm socks along with a cap will provide you with enough warmth that you may not need to turn on the heating system. 

Similarly, when it comes to wearing pants, make sure to add a layer of leggings under to stay warm for a longer time. Add as many clothes and accessories as you may like to stay warm and avoid turning on the heating system often. 

Do Some Exercise 

Winter and exercise are a great combination. If you are feeling cold even after covering yourself up, it is good to have a jog, do physical exercise, or run. Whatever activity you are involved in, make sure to continue doing it unless you feel the sweat and warmth. One of the best ways to warm yourself up with physical activity is to go up and down the stairs several times. You will find a huge difference in your body temperature. Just be careful to keep yourself covered even if you are feeling hot. 

Have a Good Warm Food and Beverage

Having good warm food will also help you to avoid cold. For instance, beef and fish stew or patty in the burger will help you to keep your body warm. One of the favorite items of winter for almost everyone is chicken corn soup. You can have soup when feeling cold. Moreover, it is also good to have fish and beef for lunch and dinner as it may warm up your body more than any other items. 

For the evening when it is getting cold outside, you can simply enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. But there is also something more tasteful to have in winter. A cup of hot chocolate will give you energy and warmth you need to keep yourself comfortable. 

Avoid Damp and Mould

If your house is damp, it may feel cold and will badly affect your health. During household chores such as drying clothes, cooking, and showering, a lot of moisture is produced. The moisture gathers somewhere in your home causing mold and dampness. However, there are plenty of ways to keep your home mold-free and dry. 

Close all the windows and doors when taking a shower, drying clothes, or cooking food. Make sure to use a fan to avoid developing molds and damp. You may also have expensive furniture that may ruin if it catches mold. Avoid it by moving the furniture away from the wall. 

Use Blanket and Quilt 

After a long and tiring day, it is time to go to bed and watch your favorite sitcom or binge-watch season if it’s the weekend. Turn off the heating system and wrap yourself up with a blanket. Normally, at night you don’t need a heating system as you will be getting enough warmth from your blanket. Keeping the heating system turned off during the night will help you save money on energy bills. 

Summing Up

Staying warm in winter without wasting money is just simple and easy to follow. If you have been paying hefty bills due to high energy costs, you can try the aforementioned tips to reduce the usage of the heating system. Or if someone in your home is sick and can’t bear cold, you can try heating grant offer free of charge by the government of UK.