Join PD: New Ways of Teaching and Learning

Join PD

Hello people. How are you? Are you a teacher? If yes, then trust us and read the article. Today we have got a really interesting article for you. And the best part is, it is not just interesting, it is informative as well. The article is going to be so beneficial for you, especially if you are a teacher. So guys, are you also fed up of traditional and boring methods of teaching? You cannot find a way to engage with your students? Or are you looking for more interesting and new ways to teach? Then worry not. This article is about Join PD. It is a really helpful app. Moreover, it has answers to each and every question listed above. To know more about it, do not skip any information given.

What is Join PD ?

‘PD’ stands for Pear Deck. It is an app which connects students and teachers. It helps in their engagement process. Join Pear Deck allows the teachers to create interesting and engaging lectures for students. Moreover, teachers can also track students’ academic growth through this app. It also lets teachers to provide feedbacks to the students.

Furthermore, Join Pear Deck enhances the student-teacher interactions. Therefore, say goodbye to boring and non-interactive lessons. It is basically a method to make the classes valuable.

In today’s challenging times, where everything is developing, a developed way of teaching is also important. Therefore professionals have designed this app. It is made specially for educators. Moreover, with the other things, education system is also changing. So having valuable tools and skills to survive in teaching sector is important. Do you agree? Of course you do. Being a teacher, you can relate to it don’t you? Join Pear Deck is nothing but a way to bring evolution in teaching system.

On this app, a large number of courses are offered. Moreover, it does not just enhance teaching methods, it helps in learning too. Teachers will get access to such interesting tools and skills that will eventually help students to learn better. Sounds cool right?

Additionally, it also helps teachers to connect with other educators. This helps them to learn from each other several other ways to teach. It is truly an amazing platform for teachers. Also, it is not just for teachers. The app helps all the educators. Join Pear Deck is designed in a way to meet the needs of all the educators.

Benefits of JoinPD

 Some of the advantages of Join Pear Deck are listed below-

  • Students and teachers can use it with ease.
  • Teachers can create valuable and interesting lessons.
  • It lets teachers track students’ progress.
  • Students can engage with other peers and learn effectively.
  • Teachers can build their professional skills.
  • The app allows educators to encourage students.
  • It helps teachers to customise their teaching for every student.
  • It makes lessons fun and engaging.

Features of Join Pear Deck

 Listed below are the features of JoinPD –

  • Drag and drop feature – this feature lets everyone to ‘drag and drop’ elements to share their thoughts. These elements are text boxes, shapes or pictures. These things can be added to the slides. Moreover, it adds to the engagement. This feature also enhances the quality of discussions.
  • Multiple Choice – it helps students to learn better. This feature adds to the understanding of the students. Students can actively participate in their journey of learning. Teachers can frame multiple choice questions for the students. Moreover, it also helps teachers to track students’ progress on the basis of their results.
  • Web into slides – teachers can add web- based resources and information in their slides. Therefore, there is no need to switch between the platforms. Moreover, students can get access to information given on web without even leaving the app.
  • Drawing Feature – this feature is very interesting. It helps to make the lessons more eye-catching and interesting. This draw feature encourages creativity. Students can directly draw and write on the slides. By this, teachers can analyse how well students have understood the lesson.
  • Numerical Values – This feature helps students to answer via numbers. Moreover, it helps both teachers and students to do math based learning on this app.

How to log in into Join PD ?

 As a teacher

  • You are required to visit the official website of Join Pear Deck.
  • Choose “teacher login” button.
  • You need to use your google account to log in.
  • You can now logged in.

 As a student

  • Visit the site
  • You are required to use the Joining code.
  • Enter your email ( only if required)
  • Join in!
 Join PD
Join PD

 Wrapping up !

We have talked about Join PD in this blog. It is a platform that makes education an interesting activity. Join Pear Deck helps students as well as teachers. Moreover, teachers can track students’ growth. Whereas, students can learn effectively. So say bye bye to old and boring methods. For much such content, like this blog. Share it with all the students and teachers you know!


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