Ted Lasso Cast : Character Names and Roles

Ted Lasso Cast

Hey friends. Welcome to another entertaining blog. Have you guys watched ‘Ted Lasso’? It is an American TV series. Ted Lasso is a sports comedy show. Moreover, it also features drama. One of the most important aspect which makes any show successful if its cast. Isn’t it? Therefore, we are going to discuss the Ted Lasso Cast in this article.

So guys, who is your favourite character from the show? Tell us in the comments. And if you have not watched the show yet, you can also read the article. Furthermore, the character list will make you watch the show super soon! We know you guys are excited to know about Ted Lasso’s characters. Therefore, let us not waste more time. Read the complete article and write your reviews.

Ted Lasso Cast

 Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

His character is written in a beautiful manner. Furthermore, he is not perfect, he has flaws. His insecurities are clearly visible. This ‘not-so-perfect’ characterisation makes him more beautiful. He brings positivity. Ted has a joyous viewpoint on life. Moreover, he is an inspirational character. However, he also has to deal with real-life problems. Additionally, he was a football coach in an American college. Later on, he was hired as a head coach by a British football team.

Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca

 She was the owner of AFC Richmond. Her actions were based on the hatred towards her ex-husband – Rupert. Moreover, she hired Ted as a coach out of her bitter personality. She wanted Ted to ruin the club because Rupert loved the club. Therefore, we can say that her motives were influenced by her bitter personality. Furthermore, Ted and Rebecca’s bond was a great impact on both of their lives.

Juno Temple as Keeley

 Her every step brings positivity all around. Her energy matches Ted’s energy. They both are full of positive vibes. Moreover, earlier she was introduced as Jamie’s girlfriend. However, she moved on from him due to his bad behaviour. Or what we call it ‘toxic’. Rebecca hired Keeley as a PR consultant. They both pursued friendship after that. Later on, she got a new job. She started her own PR firm. Keeley proved to be a good boss.

Moreover, her behaviour did not change even after any change in situations. Keeley is a bold character.

Brett Goldstein As Roy

 Roy is a footballer. He is one of the oldest players. He is a character full of anger. However, he never bullied anyone. Moreover, Roy knew how to put anyone in his place. However, he did not use this against anyone. Rather, he used it to look out for people who needed it. Furthermore, he was a sweet and loving uncle to Phoebe.

Nick Mohammed As Nate

 Nate is introduced as a timid guy. His voice did not get heard. However, Ted helps him to get promoted to an Assistant Coach. Viewers can clearly observe the change in his personality. However, he turns his back on Ted. Nate becomes jealous of him and joins Rupert. Furthermore, he thought higher status is more important than being a good person. But he could not keep up with the new job. Therefore, he made his way back to AFC Richmond.

Phil Dunster as Jamie

 He was a bully in season 1. However, he changes his ways in other 2 seasons. Right role models and guidance helped him to learn. Moreover, it was unfolded that his bad behaviour was because of his father. However, Jamie realises his mistakes and repents. In the reality, he had a good heart.

Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard

 Ted and him were the perfect duo. His character is a little mystery. Moreover, Coach Beard was really protective towards Ted. Additionally, he could understand football and its players.

Sarah Niles as Dr. Sharon

 She was AFC Richmond’s asset. Moreover, she was a skilled and knowledgeable person. Therefore, she became an important member of the team. Dr. Sharon was a calm person. However, she knew how to make everyone follow the rules.

Jeremy Swift as Higgins

 Rebecca used Higgins against her ex-husband. Therefore, the work environment became toxic. He left the job. Higgins was called back to work by Rebecca. She promised him a healthier work environment. Moreover, Higgins carried a warm vibe. He was helpful and a good person.

Toheeb as Sam

In the whole Ted Lasso Cast, Sam is the most gentle person. He is considered the best character in the show. He treated Rebecca nicely. Sam gave her utmost respect. Furthermore, he was a great soccer player.

James Lance as Trent

 Trent is a journalist. He is self centred but impressed by Ted’s techniques. Moreover, Trent and Ted became good friends. He wrote a book about soccer team after losing his job. Furthermore, he decided to learn things from Ted.

Anthony Head as Rupert

 He was the real villain in the show. Rupert’s character was so evil. It broke the heart of the viewers. Moreover, he treated Rebecca very badly. Rupert was money-minded. He was anything but a good guy. Rupert was a terrible personality who deserved no chance.


 Ted Lasso Cast is really interesting. The show features characters of different personalities. The cast itself makes a person want to watch the show. If you have watched the show, tell us who is your favourite character. And those who have not, go and watch the show and enjoy! For more such blogs, encourage us by liking this content. Thank you.









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