India Amarteifio wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Nationality, Relationship in 2023

India Amarteifio wiki

Who is India Amarteifio?

It became a record when Bridgerton season two was released on English Netflix on March 25, 2022. It hit the OTT platform with the all-time highest number of audiences. Also, the production team has assured viewers about the preceding work of the film.

Even the byproduct of this large project was Queen Charlotte. It is an eight-episode series that portrays the story of a young girl, Charlotte. Additionally, this project was aired long before Bridgerton. And this has taken India Ria Amarteifio’s name on a high with the first debuted role.

India Amarteifio Age and Education

India Ria Amarteifio was born on September 17, 2001. In 2021, she turned 21 after she got her turning point with the role of Queen Charlotte. Also, along with this threshold role, she came in many supporting characters in different web shows, such as; Line Of Duty, Doctor Who, and sex Education. Besides this, another substantial role she played was Sophie, daughter of DCI Roz Huntley. This series was named Line Of Duty, season four.

While Bridgerton Season 2 was about to release, India was already famous among the fans due to her anticipated queen role. Also, Read More About – Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

The forthcoming series will tell another story about Queen. It will portray the Queen’s love life and her tough journey from an adventitious to a powerful woman. This story tells everything about her old age and how she will be at that time. Here, you will see the Queen was affianced to the Royal man of England, who was unknown to her. After that, when she landed in London, she changed the expectation of what people thought about her, as she was mixed-race patrimony. But, after that, when she started living in London as the King’s wife, she managed and navigated every single thing on her way, even the King and the royal basilica.

The parent’s Side Of India Ria Amarteifio

Along with other facts, India keeps secret the identity of her parents. Even she kept the other information about mom and dad a secret.

But, as far as media is there, nothing is impossible to know. So, we learned that India is the daughter of Nicole Amarteifio (Mother) and Ben Amarteifio (Father). Nicole is originally from Accra, Ghana, and later she moved. Also, she completed her study at Georgetown University and Brandeis University.

India Amarteifio Her Height

India Ria is a tall woman with a height of 5’6″. On the other side, her hair troubled her a lot, as it was not accepted as an actress should have beautiful hair. Even from childhood, she learned how to love the way she is. Even her hair color matches her brown eye colors.

India Amarteifio Education

India was a former student of The Richmond Academy of Dance. She joined the house in 2012 and achieved accolades from school, training, and choreography under her Teacher Miss Harita.

With the help and encouragement from Harita, India started to pursue her choreography career. After that, she cracked the scholarship and made a prestigious entrance to the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Amarteifio studied there from the age of 11 to 16. Also, she began her career as an assistant choreographer of Miss Harita on the stage.

Currently, she is focusing on her acting career after completing her edEducationrom Arts Ed in 2020. Now, she is a talented dancer with multiple dance moves.

What is the Net worth of India Amarteifio 

Till mid of 2022, she had the $450K earned from her professional career. Not only that, but besides this, she achieved a scholarship to study at Sylvia Young Theatre School this current year. Along with pursuing studies, she appeared in some supporting roles, including Unforgotten, The Evermore Chronicles, Military Wives, and the Tunnel.

As per the report media, they could not crack the story of her personal life. Also, each interview was so professional that no one could guess anything about her personal affairs. You can conclude with the statement that this low-profile girl loves to keep private her stuff and herself pretty mysterious. Only she loves to open up about her character and what she anticipates.

So, the way she carries herself attracts more people’s attention. She believes in privacy which is much important in the life of a public figure. Also, she knows if she opened up, she would lose the attention of her fans.

Let’s Talk About Her Ethnicity of India Amarteifio

Amarteifio is defraying the mixed-race ethnicity of her parents. Her birth was in London, and she grew up there with her EdEducationShe feels proud to call London her home. But also, at the same time, she loves her root back to Ghana as her mother is from the same. Also, Read More About – Aleph Portman Millepied

Besides that, India Ria Amarteifio celebrates the independence day of Ghana with her family. Also, as she has her own house in Ghana, people often see her hanging out with her close ones.

Her Television Appearances

She appeared in several TV shows. Also, In a Movie, Gangsta granny as Florence. Her TV Shows are listed below:

  • The Interceptor as Hannah
  • Fungus and the Bogeyman as Ella
  • Line of Duty as Sophie
  • Unforgotten as Kaz
  • Doctor Who as Alison
  • The Tunnell as Maya Roebuck
  • Hank Zipzer as Simone Green
  • The Evermoor Chronicles as Lacie Fairburn
  • Drury lane
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Gangster Granny

InIndia’sost notable appearances happened in two web series, Military Wives and Sex Education. She acted alongside Gillian Anderson in Sex Education and Kristin Scott Thomas in Military Wives.

India is also very thankful to Miss Harita for her full support in her acting career. Also, the lady has helped her a lot in her dancing career.

Her Social Media Story

Though she is not as famous as other actresses on Instagram, but still, within a short period of her acting life, she is becoming famous. At present, she has 4,230 followers till April 13, 2022. Also, she shared her 20 posts oriented to her personal, professional, and party life. If you want to check her profile, go through @india_amarteifio. Besides this, she is also on Facebook with the name “I”dia Ria Amarteifio” “and “I”dia Amarteifio.”

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