How to Edit PDF Files

People assume that PDF files are impossible to edit because they differ from Word documents. And even with modern tools, users still struggle to edit PDF files online, even with available tools excel to pdf.

But nowadays, modern tools can help you edit your files instantly, without any special technical know-how.

When would you need to edit PDF files?

Since its invention in the early 1900s, PDF has been an excellent tool for sharing information. PDF allows you to create and convert files from other formats and share them in compact file sizes.

You may want to convert a PDF back to editable formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. And you may also wish to add, erase, highlight, delete text, add images, fill PDF form online, and merge or split PDF files. Knowing how to use available tools will make things easier.

Three things to consider when editing PDF files

When you want to edit any PDF document, you should consider a few things.

  • File size

Some PDF editors limit the acceptable file size to 25MB or 100 MB. So, anything above that memory capacity will shoot out an error message. To avoid this problem, optimize your PDF document for web usage to decrease the file size while maintaining the overall quality.

  • Editing tool.

Most PDF editing tools require a fast, stable internet connection, especially when uploading large PDFs. Not only that, some editors offer extra services, including cloud storage, to avoid losing your files. Above all, they only grant free access to limited features if you are not a premium user.

  • Operating system.

PDF viewers exist for macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, and they all have their perks and drawbacks. Still, your choice should depend on the device and features available in each tool.

How to edit a PDF document using different tools

The PDF editors on the market vary in composition and functionality, but we’ll limit our discussion to reliable tools. Let’s explore how to edit PDFs using Mac Preview, Google Docs, and Lumin PDF. Dividir tu archivo PDF will also provide some helpful tips on using an offline editor.

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