6 Qualities To Look For When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

While there is a multitude of approaches to being a real estate agent, the top performers show similar qualities. Finding someone who is professional in their approach and can talk easily with people from all walks of life is key like the ones in marbella carlsbad ca. You also want someone who comes across as trustworthy – if buyers don’t trust your agent you miss out on obtaining valuable information that could affect the overall outcome.

Try to avoid an agent who will treat you and your home like a number. Each property is unique and a cookie-cutter approach will not net you the best outcome. Here are some other qualities that a great Real Estate Partners Team like should possess.

Communication is key

If your agent takes a day or more to return a call or text, it’s wise to seek someone else. The real estate game moves too quickly to waste time on agents who lack communication skills. You could miss out on a buyer or other opportunity if they fail to keep in touch.

Understanding why you are selling

Different situations need different approaches. If you are selling a home for the first time, a good agent will understand that and treat you differently to someone selling one of their investment properties. An agent should also consider whether you need to buy a new home after selling and offer to help with that process.

Familiar with the local area

An agent who knows your area is a big advantage. They can help sell the neighborhood to potential buyers, rather than just the house. Being aware of all the features, amenities, and things to do in your neighborhood, plus potential buyers on their books is crucial.

Puts you first

If your real estate agent isn’t client-motivated, you should consider moving on to a new one. You should be supported throughout this stressful process and your needs should be their priority. Remember, if you get a good deal, so will they. They should be focusing on you and not just the money they will make.

Proactive, not reactive

Take note if you find you are calling your agent more than they are calling you. Your agent should be contacting prospective buyers to keep the process moving. Make sure they keep you updated on any developments.

Provides references

If a real estate agent is hesitant to give references, run. They should be happy and open to sharing references from as many past clients as possible. If they have delivered great results to past clients, they will want to let you know.

If you’re still nervous about how to ensure you choose the right agent, we can help. We specialise in helping home sellers choose the agent who will deliver the best results without costing them a cent. To find out how our Vendor Advocate service can help you achieve the highest possible price for your home, feel free to Book in a call with us or visit us at www.innovativeproperty.com.au for more information.

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