All You Need To Know About Top Fielders In IPL

The Indian Premier League is the world’s most prestigious and competitive cricket league. A total of ten teams compete in the grand T20 cricket league to emerge as the victors, which is decided after playing a number of matches. In India, the Indian Premier League is no less than a carnival. Every Indian cricket fan is filled with mirth and excitement to see their favorite IPL team perform well against the opposition. Fielding is an essential aspect of the game. As the saying goes, “catches win you matches”, the same thing is also valid in the shortest format of the game. Not missing out on vital catches and saving crucial boundaries and runs on the field can definitely impact the result of an IPL game. 

There are certain players in the league who can turn the match around just with their fielding capabilities. They produce exceptional run-outs or take outstanding catches and have a significant impact on the match’s result. These players give their all in the field and put pressure on the batters. Champion fielders are great at covering ground on the field at a quick pace and causing the batter to run quickly. This often creates confusion between the batters and results in more run-out opportunities. 

  1. Ravindra Jadeja

Ranking first on our list is the champion all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. Considered to be one of the best fielders in the world currently, Ravindra Jadeja has taken 86 catches in the IPL playing for Chennai Super Kings. He sprints on the field to save boundaries and take some impossible catches. Even while bowling, Ravindra Jadeja has saved a number of runs and taken catches, all credit to his quick hands and excellent judgement. His ability to run out the batters by throwing direct hits at the wickets is unmatched. It will be exciting to see him perform on the next ipl match date.

  1. David Warner

The short Australian batter comes at our second spot. In the IPL, he currently plays for Delhi Capitals and has taken 74 catches in 162 matches that he has played in. Although he is short in size, he is full of energy and moves at lightning speed on the field. His powerful shoulders and arms are credited for his accurate gun throw from long distances. 

  1. Kieron Pollard

Coming third on our list is the 196cm tall Caribbean Kieron Pollard. His tall hands and legs have enabled him to take high catches and save fours and sixes standing at the boundary line. Playing for the Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard has taken a whopping 103 catches in his 13-year-long career. Pollard’s giant-like body, combined with his agility, makes him a terrific fielder.

  1. Glenn Maxwell

The Australian batter, Glenn Maxwell, captures the spot on our list. Currently, he is playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise but has also played for three different IPL teams before. He is swift at covering ground on the field and is a trustworthy fielder. Glenn Maxwell has taken a total of 40 catches throughout his IPL career. People can see him play for RCB on the next ipl match date.

  1. Ben Stokes

The current English Test captain, Ben Stokes, holds the fifth spot on our list. Currently playing for the Rajasthan Royals, Ben Stokes has taken a total of 21 catches in his 43 IPL appearances. He is a threat on the field for the batters with his quick and accurate throws. On the international stage, he is credited for taking some superb catches, and he has proved his calibre on the field multiple times in the IPL as well. 

  1. Hardik Pandya

The premier all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, ranks sixth on our list. He is known for his ability to take brilliant catches and save crucial runs, and his commitment to giving his all on the field is praiseworthy. Hardik Pandya has taken a total of 57 catches in 107 matches, currently playing for Gujarat Titans. His terrifying skills will be again at display on the next ipl match date.

  1. Faf du Plessis

The current captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, Faf du Plessis, holds the seventh spot on our list. In his 11 years long IPL career, Faf du Plessis has played a total of 116 matches and played for three different teams. He has taken a total of 70 catches, 62 catches for Chennai Super Kings, four catches for Rising Pune Supergiants, and four catches for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

  1. Rahul Tripathi

Ranking 8th on our list is Rahul Tripathi. Rahul Tripathi has played for 4 IPL teams, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, and Rising Pune Supergiants, in his six-year-long IPL career. Although Rahul Tripathi has taken only 29 catches in the Indian Premier League, his commitment on the field is unmatched. He is always ready and alert to get hold of the ball whenever it comes towards him and throws the balls at the wicketkeeper with all his strength. 

  1. Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh comes at the ninth spot on our list of Top Fielders in IPL. His exuberance on the field is plausible. Although he has played only 17 matches in the IPL for Kolkata Knight Riders, Rinku Singh has already taken 14 catches. He has built quite a reputation in the 2022 edition of the Indian Premier League due to his fielding skills and his charming personality. 

  1. Shubman Gill

Capturing the last spot on our list is the youngster playing for Gujarat Titans, Shubman Gill. The 23-year-old has played a total of 74 matches in his Indian Premier League career. Shubman Gill has previously played for Kolkata Knight Riders before getting released by the franchise and bought by Gujarat Titans in the 2022 IPL Mega Auctions. 

These fielders are not only a threat to the opposition with their primary skill of bowling and/or batting but also due to their tremendous fielding skills. They have produced breathtaking father and run-outs from time to time and are an enormous boost for any IPL team. They are confident in their fielding capabilities and try to help the team as much as they possibly can to come out as the victors of the match. These players are sold for huge prices and are involved in bidding wars by the owners. Fans can’t wait to see these players perform and are intrigued to know the next ipl match date. 

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