7 Quick Tips for Creating Effective Business Flyers


Business flyers remain cost-effective and versatile marketing tools. Everyone has gone for a walk in a downtown or city center area and received flyers that announce sales, grand openings, or that tasty food is around the corner.

An art to creating effective marketing handouts does exist. For example, each design must have a clear call to action professional seo services

Every leaflet should also include vital information that encourages recipients to take action. 

For your business, you can opt to hire a printer to design and mass print them for you. You can also design it yourself. Then, head over to your local printer and print the materials. It might cost 10 cents per flyer when you order 1,000 pieces. The more you order, the more the price drops. 

Marketing professionals estimate that the return on investment for flyers is between 1% to 5%. Therefore, you might receive 10 to 50 responses if you distribute 1,000.

With those figures in mind, design the leaflet that will speak to your target audience. Then, it should encourage them to execute a specific action. For example, pressure washing flyers should motivate recipients to schedule an appointment with you or read more about your business. 

We offer seven quick tips for creating effective business flyers.

  1. Include Relevant Information

Effective flyers have relevant information. They answer the five Ws:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

The Who is your business, so tell recipients something about your company. Then, tell them something about your company’s services or the What. Next, outline your business hours so that they know When.

For Where, list your company location or where they can redeem the offer listed on the handout.

Finally, outline what’s in it for the flyer recipient or Why. If you promote your pressure washing business or hair styling services, concisely describe your company’s unique proposition. Maybe you accept walk-ins, or you’re currently running a seasonal promotion CRM Services.

  1. Keep the Information Concise

The optimal flyer size is A5, or 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inches. Although that’s almost standard paper size, it’s not enough room to write whole paragraphs. If you could squeeze in a few paragraphs, you should avoid them.

keep the information concise and focus on the points that you want recipients to see at a glance.

People like to couple information with images. Therefore, list a few key points and include a picture or two. 

  1. Create Sections

Some studies show that people’s eyes first go to the top-left corner of a page. Then, they move to the top-right corner, followed by the bottom-left corner. That leaves the bottom-right corner as the last one that people see.

Other studies show that people’s eyes go to the bottom-right corner first. The common theme is that people read a page in sections. Thus, you should arrange your content in sections that guide the reader.

  1. Pick the Right Colors

Your business sector might dictate the best colors for your handouts. You can also use your branding to pick them. One strategy is to choose a neutral base and brightly-colored visuals. 

Whatever direction you take, ensure that the font colors are easy to read.

  1. Make the CTA Obvious

All marketing materials require a prominent call to action. Once you put them in the hands of your target audience and they read it, tell them what to do next. 

Believe it or not, people need guidance. If you’re running a seasonal special, tell your audience how to redeem it.

  1. Add Contact Information

Even though you make the CTA clear on the handout, list your contact information anyway. Some readers will have questions. If they want to contact you, that’s a great sign and shows a high level of interest. 

Flyers create opportunities for sales. Maximize them.

  1. Proofread Before Printing

After you design your flyer, proofread it before sending it to the printer. Then, have someone else proofread it too.

They say that it’s best to measure twice and cut once. You don’t want to order 1,000 or more handouts with glaring typos. What’s worse, if you miss the typo and hand them out, others will judge your company by it.


Business flyers remain part of a solid marketing plan. They complement digital marketing strategies since you can list your online information on the handouts. To make them effective, include relevant information, organize them by sections, and make the call to action obvious.

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