How to write a thesis 

The diploma project is a scientific work that the student performs during the last year of study, and which gives him the right to obtain the qualification of a specialist. Its purpose is to systematize, generalize and test all theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialty.

What is a thesis

Professional-oriented practice and preparation of a diploma project aim to help the student learn to work in the chosen professional field. And the successful defense of the thesis is proof of the high level of knowledge and skills of the author.

In order for the thesis to be done correctly, the student is assigned a supervisor, whose responsibilities are to help determine the research methods, the theoretical issues to be studied, the choice and search for literature, and everything else related to the thesis project.

The structure, design and stages of writing a thesis are somewhat similar to the course project, but the latter is easier to perform and smaller in volume.

The scheme of writing and preparing a thesis for defense is as follows:

  1. The student chooses the topic of his project. He can choose it from the list that will be offered to him at the department, or develop their own.
  2. The chosen topic is approved by the department and the date of the preliminary defense of the diploma project is set, which usually takes place a week before the defense.
  3. The student writes a thesis, constantly consulting with his supervisor.
  4. During the preliminary defense, teachers and the head of the department get acquainted with the work, which must be 85% ready. They decide whether it can be allowed to defend and give the student some advice on its proper implementation, as well as make some comments on the material already written.
  5. The head of the department appoints the exact date of the defense of the work.
  6. The project manager writes reviews on the work done, the student draws up additional materials (abstract, review, review), makes a report and presentation to the work.
  7. The work, reviews and reviews of the head are submitted to the department.
  8. The student is preparing for the defense.
  9. The student defends the diploma project in the presence of a special commission consisting of teachers, and receives a grade for the work done.

This scheme is approximate, because each school has its own nuances and “unwritten” rules of the process of scientific work. The main thing is to do everything correctly and on time.

How to write a thesis on marketing

Regardless of the complexity of the topic and the requirements of a boring teacher, the contractor is able to prepare a project of high quality and inexpensive. Among these specialists are winners of regional competitions, graduate students, associate professors and even professors of prestigious educational institutions. Their thesis on custom marketing will receive positive feedback from the supervisor and the highest scores.

You only need to gradually study the content of the work, so as not to hit the dirt in the face and not to “sprinkle” on tricky questions. The main thing is not to procrastinate with the order, because writing a thesis on marketing requires time not only to prepare a theoretical basis for domestic and foreign publications. The selected author will carefully work on the project, make calculations and provide real data in the form of tables, graphs, and charts, which will be appreciated by the supervisor.

Marketing is the art of promoting a product and positioning a brand in local and international markets. This discipline contains many aspects, from commodity science to psychology and history. To conduct full-fledged marketing research or to prepare analytical material on this topic, it is necessary to understand business, jurisprudence, taxation, and other areas.

In addition to the opportunity to order a thesis on marketing, paper writing help can be asked in writing laboratory papers, reports, term papers, and dissertations in mathematics and other sciences.

Disadvantages in writing a thesis

There are no perfectly executed scientific works. This also applies to diploma projects. Unfortunately, the lack of comments from the supervisor is seen by his colleagues as inaction, and the teacher must find at least some weaknesses in the student’s work. And the most interesting thing is that there are such places, and comments to them are always justified. If a student wants his work to be written 90% correctly, he must work well on it or order it from professionals. What are the main disadvantages of theses?

What is a serious mistake for one teacher may not mean anything to another, but there are mistakes that absolutely everyone finds unacceptable, namely:

  1. Illogical connection of parts of the project. All sections must go in a logical sequence, forming a single semantic chain.
  2. Lack of links. The facts that are present in the text of the work, and on the basis of which all reflections and conclusions are based, must be substantiated by confirmations from specific information sources.
  3. Lack of conclusions in divisions and sections of work.
  4. Incorrect registration of work. This applies to page numbering, graphics, page layout, font selection, design of tables, and in general any non-compliance with the basic requirements.
  5. Errors in graphic materials and documents contained in the project appendices.
  6. Lack of relevance of the topic. This significant shortcoming is almost irreparable, so to avoid such a mistake it is necessary to discuss this issue with the supervisor from the beginning.

All these typical shortcomings are present, to some extent, in almost every thesis. And if their number is large, the evaluation of the project may be reduced. Most of these errors are detected during the preliminary examination, so each student has the opportunity to correct them.

In general, when writing a thesis project, the main thing is to organize the process correctly, be attentive and do not be lazy to check the work several times on a “fresh” head, so it is easier to notice all the mistakes. In addition, you need to coordinate with the supervisor each step and give him time to test. Disadvantages happen in everything, and every author makes mistakes. It is important to be able to analyze them correctly and not to repeat them in the future.

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