Vegamour Reviews: Reviews and Ratings of Hair Growth Products

Vegamour Reviews

Hello friends. Are you struggling to find hair growth products? Many people suffer from hair loss and problems related to this. Moreover, we know that not all the products are suitable for everyone. Therefore finding a right product is very important. Additionally, it is important to check the reviews before buying a product. This is why, in this article we will give you information about Vegamour Reviews. It is a company which sells hair growth products which is popular among people. We will tell you about vegamour products. Moreover, you will find product – wise ratings here. We will mention the number of stars every product has got. Furthermore, by the end of the article you will find vegamour reviews.   Also, if also you want to know about Vegamour, you will find the information here. So let us begin.

About Vegamour Reviews

 Vegamour sells products that benefits in hair growth. Moreover, if you are suffering from hair loss it may help you a lot. It is suitable for lash and brow hair as well. Additionally, it is completely vegan. Furthermore, the products can be useful if you want fuller and thicker hair. The company uses special formula to make their products. Vegamour’s products are safe to use as they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Some ingredients that can damage your hair are –

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Silicons
  • Gluten
  • Artificial fragrance

And guess what? Vegamour products are free from all of these ingredients. Furthermore, they market their products as safer than drugstore items. This is because products of drugstores may have some side effects.

Now that you guys know about the company, let us discuss its products.

About Vegamour Products: Vegamour Reviews

 In this section we will talk about vegamour products that work for ‘head hair’.


People consider this products as the ‘hero product’ for hair growth. Moreover, this serum comes with a dropper. The dropper helps in applying the serum in the hairline. The benefit is the dropper reaches the thin spots more effectively. Therefore, the application of serum is made easy. Moreover, you can also rub the area with the tips of your fingers after applying serum. Furthermore, it moisturises the scalp. Therefore, no more dryness in the scalp! Additionally, it makes your hair fuller.

Reviews –  The GRO HAIR SERUM has got 3.6 stars. Moreover, Out of 5.9 thousand reviews, more than 2.5 thousand people have given 5 stars to the product. Furthermore, more than seven thousand people have given 4 stars. Additionally, rest of the people have given less than 4 stars to the product.


These vitamins provide healthier and nourish hair. Moreover, they are 100% vegan. Furthermore, the gummies help in providing shiny hair.

Reviews – out of 605 reviews, more than 360 people have given 5 stars to these biotin gummies. More than 110 have rated 4. Only 30 users have rated 1 star. Rest of them have rated 3 and 2.


This vegamour shampoo and conditioner provide smooth and shiny hair. Moreover, it also protects hair. Additionally, it is a shampoo without any added colours. Furthermore, the shampoo contains B-silk protein. It has bergamot fragrance.

Reviews – out of 2 thousand ratings, there are more than thousand 5 star ratings. More than 350 people have given 4 stars. Moreover, more than 200 people have given 3 stars. Also, there are less than 250 people who did not like the product.


This massager given the feeling of being in heaven! Moreover, it improves the health of your scalp and makes it stronger. You can use it whenever you want. Dry hair, wet hair – both is okay.

Reviews – There are 318 ratings on the web. Out of them this product has got 5 stars from more than 250 people. That’s a lot! However, 25 people have voted for 1 star.


Like other products, it also helps to give you fuller hair. Moreover it is light-weighted. Furthermore, this shampoo absorbs extra oil and gives you a clean and fresh look.

Reviews – 1.9 thousand people have given ratings. Out of them, 1.2 have given 5 stars. 365 people rated 4. Furthermore, 3 stars are given by more than 150 people.

Vegamour Reviews

 In the previous section we have provided product-wise reviews. However, in this section we will mention the reviews for the company.

The below listed statements are some reviews given by people on different platforms.

  • “Good products, clean brand”
  • “The hair serum is one of best”
  • “My lashes grew thick after using Vegamour products”
  • “These are plant based products but it did not work for me”
  • “It changed my hair! My hair grew nice and thick. LOVEEE!!!”
  • “Dry shampoo could smell better. I do not love how it smells”
  • “I used it for two months and it didn’t work”

Moreover, the product has 67% positive rating on some platforms. Additionally, majority of people have shared their before and after pictures.


 This article was about Vegamour Reviews. Moreover, this information helps you to make a wise decision before buying an item. Furthermore, in this article we have provided product-wise reviews and ratings. Additionally, in the last section we have mentioned some statements given by given on different platforms. Therefore, this article will help you to decide whether to invest in the product or not. Share this article with people who need hair growth products and let them know the honest reviews. Thank you.






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