Top 10 Unmissable Sites for a Tourist in India

India exemplifies diversity in its truest form. Tourists may fully appreciate the spellbinding experiences this nation has to offer because to its size, diversity of stunning landscapes, astonishing culture, and rich history. 

Whether you want to experience the vibrant cities and ancient temples here in person or want to explore it behind the screen, India has absolutely iconic sites which you wouldn’t want to miss. YouTube TV in India is not available, so the tourists living within the country must pack their bags to immerse themselves in the local beauty waiting to be explored. 

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For visitors to revel in and have a wonderful experience discovering the hidden beauty, we have put together a selection of unique and can’t-miss locations.

The Taj Mahal

All tourists from across the world must see the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is well acknowledged as India’s most famous location. UNESCO refers to this magnificent white marble mausoleum constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his loving wife as “The Jewel of Muslim Art in India” on its list of world heritage sites. 

The Mughal Emperors allegedly spent close to 20 years creating this masterpiece. Due to the fact that visitors come here to celebrate and remember the romantic associations this location has, it is well-known among lovers.

The shimmering white marble also begs you to look closer so you can see the majesty of towers standing in perfect harmony together with the detailed design and embellishments. 


Varanasi, commonly referred to as Benaras by locals, is an old and revered city in India. On the banks of the Ganges River, one of the holiest places in Hinduism, it is situated. For Hindus and Buddhists, Varanasi is famous for its spiritual importance.

Here, the Ganga River’s water is revered as holy. Many people visit this location every day to perform cremations as well as other rites including aarti, swimming, and prayer. It has a rich and unique cultural past because it is a city of pilgrimage for Jains and Hindus.


On India’s northern border is Ladakh. one of the most peaceful spots to spend time with loved ones. renowned for its breathtaking natural features, which include high plains and deep valleys, pristine lakes, and snow-capped mountains. 

This location is ideal for your activities whether you enjoy hiking, camping, or perhaps have an interest in river rafting. It is essential to sample the Ladakhi breakfast of khambish and gur-gur chai. The scent of this meal under Ladakh’s chilly, beautiful skies will undoubtedly be the ideal feast.

The Backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are a scenic network of lagoons, lakes, and canals that run parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. One of the most well-known tourist locations in the planet. 
A sizable lake called Vambenad is at the center of the backwaters, making it possible for guests to take a boat trip and experience the backwaters.  Numerous flora and animals also reside here. This trip across the rivers is an adventure of a lifetime.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s Thar Desert is where Jaisalmer is situated. It is well known for its stunning golden sandstone construction. It has the well-known Jaisalmer Fort, the breathtaking Tazia Tower, and five storeys of uniquely built balconies. 
It boasts chaotic and vibrant bazaars where everything is for sale, including jewelry, carpets, paintings, and other items, in addition to a historic site.

Bodh Gaya

One of the holiest Buddhist locations is the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya since it is said that the Buddha acquired enlightenment there. The UNESCO has also designated this Temple as a historical site. 
According to legend, the Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya is a direct descendent of the tree where the Buddha learned perfection. In general, especially for people who are interested in Buddhism, it is a very serene and spiritual site to visit.

Beaches of Goa

India’s westernmost state of Goa is renowned for its coastline, which is dotted with more than 35 calm, individual beaches. Goa’s beaches are home to a vibrant nightlife and mouthwatering cuisine. 
Parasailing, swimming, and sunbathing are all available for visitors to enjoy. For those seeking quiet beaches and a wide selection of cuisine to make it one of their greatest experiences, it is the ideal location. 

Darjeeling and Shimla Hill Stations

Beautiful hill towns may be found in Himachal Pradesh and west Bengal, respectively, in Shimla and Darjeeling.  a wonderful location for those who enjoy the cold and the beauty of tall mountains.  
Darjeeling is well known for its tea plantations, and it naturally provides you with flavorful tea! While Mall Road and Ridge in Shimla are both desirable destinations. 

Red Fort 

A must-see is Delhi’s Red Fort, often referred to as Lal Qila.  Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, constructed it in 1648. Visitors to the Red Fort are drawn to the peacock throne, but the fort also has a fascinating past and clever architecture. 

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The economic heart of the nation is a thriving, chaotic metropolis in Maharashtra. In addition to beaches, Marine Drive, vibrant markets, and historical sites, Mumbai has a lot to offer. Also recognized as a gathering place for many ethnicities, encompassing music, art, and culture.

Wrapping Up

India has a surprise for you and will make a lasting imprint on you that you will treasure forever, no matter where you choose to travel.