Skill-Lync Courses – What’s in for the Future?

E-learning has grown in popularity since the pandemic compelled the corporate world to go digital. With many opting for online learning, upskilling has become the most accessible way of gaining knowledge while sitting at home. 

Skill-Lync is an up-skilling platform for engineers that provides a variety of courses to help you improve your skillset. These courses are taught online in order to help students gain employable skills and experience.

The pandemic has made us realise that learning in classrooms is not the only way through which we can learn. In fact, during the lockdown, online courses grew in popularity and became the most dependable method of learning.

Let’s look at how Skill-Lync electric vehicle courses can help you secure your future. 

An industry-relevant project’s primary motive is to add valuable work experience to your portfolio. Furthermore, these projects teach students problem-solving skills that they can apply in real life and broaden their horizons in their chosen domain. Skill-Lync courses help you get the needed exposure to industry-relevant projects and prepare you for the future. 

  • One-on-one mentorship 

You will be designated a Support Engineer who will answer any questions you may have. One-on-one guidance benefits the student because the mentor can pay close attention to every detail of the student. The mentor assists students in growing and thinking realistically by allowing them to apply theory to real-world problems. Therefore, it helps the student to get ready for the competitive world ahead. 

  • Helps you in creating a portfolio 

When you enrol in the Skill-Lync course, you will be given a profile with all of your information and projects that you have worked on displayed so that others can know about your activities and skills. Portfolios do what words cant do. They are the living proof of your skills and abilities that helps the employer to hire you for a particular job. This way, you can gain an advantage in the job market by including a link to your portfolio in your resume or LinkedIn page.

  • Variety of courses 

Skill-Lync gives you the edge over the others as they have a variety of courses for the students to choose from. For instance, The global economy began to function and create jobs across domains for the first time in two years in 2021. It was also the first year that electric vehicles became widely available to Indian consumers. Skill-Lync continued to assist engineering students in India in achieving their dreams in 2021.


Skill-Lync’s online certified embedded system developer courses teach you the fundamental concepts and their application in the real world, allowing you to think more practically. The videos and resources from an online course are accessible even after the course has been completed. Furthermore, Skill-Lync offers guidance and counselling via phone and chat in order to bridge the gap and provide a similar environment so that of a classroom. Skill-Lync is dedicated to assisting students in developing critical skills that they may not have received in traditional classroom training.