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Pooph Reviews

Hey guys, how are you? This article will be helpful to you if you have any pets, especially dogs. So guys, does your house smell because of your pet? If yes, then trust us, your life is going to get so much easy after reading this blog! This article is about pooph reviews. The product helps people to eliminate the smell which is caused by pets. Moreover, pets usually smell when they are ill. Furthermore, they also have a natural smell which makes the house stink. This smell is not liked by anybody. Therefore, eliminating such smells is very important to keep your house clean and fresh. Moreover, this product is colourless and odourless. Further.m, it is natural and it does not cause any harm. So let us know about Pooph and pooph reviews.

About Pooph

 This product is an absolutely amazing thing to eliminate smell! If you are sick of finding solutions to remove the smell from your pets, this product has come to your rescue. People use different gels and soaps to clean their pets. Moreover, they expect the natural dog smell to go away. However, something barely works. The smell of their pet and urine is really bad. Moreover, pooph is suitable to use on every surface.

However, it is advised not to accidentally spray it on your clothes. It can also be harmful for your skin. However, pooph will not harm your pet’s skin. It is super safe for them. Furthermore, pooph is natural so you can use it on your pet anytime.

Additionally, we know how irritating it is when a guest comes home your home stinks! So no more embarrassment.

Benefits of Pooph reviews

  1. Pooph removes the smell from the pets and surfaces
  2. It is not a toxic product. Therefore, it does not cause harm.
  3. It is not harmful to use on skin of pets.

Disadvantages of Pooph

  1.  It is expensive. Therefore, not everyone can use it.
  2. Pooph is not a safe profuct.

Is pooph real or fake ?

The pooph reviews are mixed. Moreover, it is not easy to be on one side. Some say that it is legit. However, some people believe that it does not work and it is not worth the investment.

Specifications of Pooph

 COLOUR – pooph is completely colourless. Moreover, it is also stainless.

FORM – It comes in a spray bottle. You can spray it on the surfaces. Additionally, it is suitable for animal skin too.

USED TO – Pooph is used to remove the smell. It helps to remove the natural odour of pets. Moreover, it also helps to eliminate the urine smell.


PRICE – the product is for $29.99

Positive Pooph Reviews

  •  Pooph works well. Moreover, it does not leave any stain behind. It removes the odour without harming.
  • People love this products because it helps in removing pet’s smell. Furthermore, it also helps to remove the stinking from other surfaces.
  • It is super safe for pets
  • It works like a magic.
  • Guests are no more afraid to come into the house.
  • No embarrassment while inviting guests over.
  • The house feels fresh after using the product.

Negative Pooph Reviews

  • Many customers think that the product is not worth their money.
  • There are some reviews that say the product does not work.
  • Pooph does not fulfil its work
  • Some reviews reveal that pets get aggressive after the application of pooph on their skin.
  • The smell of pooph is not pleasurable
  • Some of the reviews state that it does not eliminate the odour. However, it causes more odour.
  • Some of the users experieced some allergies after using pooph.
  • Some reviews say that the product needs a lot of improvement.
  • Customers are advising others not to waste their money on Pooph.

How to use Pooph ?

  •  First you need to see where the smell is coming from.
  • Spray the product on all the surfaces which are causing smell.
  • Wait for a few second or minutes.
  • Smell the surface again. If the smell is gone, then it is amazing! However, if it still smells spray some more.

 Moreover, do not spray the product direct on the skin of your pet. Spray it on a piece of cloth and rub on it the skin of your pet.


Pooph is a product that helps clean the smell of pets and their extracts. Moreover, people get so pissed off due to the smell. Furthermore, whenever a guest comes over, they often do not like the house stinking. Therefore, the job of this product is to remove all the smell. Additionally, not just from pets, but all the surfaces. But in this article, we have helped you guys with pooph reviews. Therefore, you can know if you want to purchase it. There are mixed reviews fir this product. We have mentioned both negative and positive reviews. Share this article with someone who have pets and help them! Thank you.


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