Poker facts that anyone who plays in a live casino should know

There are many interesting and simply amazing facts about poker. The game appeared so long ago that various stories of great players in an offline casino or live casino have emerged.

The Royal Flush collection

This combination is rare in live casino poker. Many people can play for years and never see a Royal Flush in one game. However, one player has managed to collect this combination twice in a row. It happened in 1994 in Las Vegas. His opponents could not believe their eyes, as the odds were unrealistically low for such an event.

The record number of players

A large number of players can participate in an online tournament at the same time. Here is a record number of attendees:

– In 2009, 65,000 players participated in a single online tournament. Anyone could join the tournament for just $1. The grand prize of the event was $13,000.

– A similar tournament in 2013 broke the record. 225,000 players participated at one time. The grand prize was $25,000.

Is it possible to play poker without eyesight?

An incredible fact is known about a blind poker player who participated in the largest poker tournament in the world. Thus, out of a huge number of players, he managed to place 197th.

Hal Lubarsky is a poker pro with thousands of fans playing in a live casino, but he lost his sight a long time ago. This didn’t stop his dream and his desire to play. Lubarsky has found a reliable partner who whispers pocket cards, even board ones, into his ear at tournament time. By doing so, his partner reads the emotions of all opponents at the table and communicates them to his friend. Lubarsky then decides to adopt one of the most popular betting strategies.

The creators of the World Series tournament wanted to eliminate the blind player from the competition, as it is forbidden to consult with anyone at the time of the match and to play with a partner. However, Lubarsky immediately said that after this decision he could go to court and complain about discrimination against people with disabilities. If he wins the case, the administration will be forced to pay him the majority of the entire prize pool. Lubarsky was then cleared to play and was able to enter the field of 200 players and win a large cash prize.

Types of pokers

Many players know the 3-4 most popular types of poker in live casinos. However, there are more than 130 types of poker with their own special rules all over the world.

Death in poker

There is a known case of a murder that occurred while playing poker. A player nicknamed Wild Bill was shot and killed right at the table. He was holding a combination of pocket aces and pocket eights. After this event, the AA88 hand became known as the “dummy’s meld”.

Poker in elections

In the United States, a case is known where a game of poker decided which candidate would take up the current office of the city. It happened in 1998. According to US law, if two candidates get the same number of votes, one of the two games will determine the winner. Candidate Farrington chose the game of poker. His opponent wanted to roll the dice to determine the winner. To choose the game, a coin was flipped. The two candidates ended up playing poker and it was this game that led Farrington to electoral victory.

There is another situation in the history of gambling where poker helped a man become president. Mor Nixon served in the Navy for a long time and played poker with his friends every day. With his winnings, she managed to amass about $7,000. This sum is now equivalent to $50,000. After the service, Nixon invested in an election campaign and became president in 1964.

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