Painless PG Hunting: Tips for Finding Your Dream Accommodation

Finding acceptable PG (paying guest) housing in a new location might be difficult whether you’re a student or a young professional. The process may be difficult with so many alternatives available and the extra strain of selecting a location that suits your needs and budget. But, with a little investigation and careful preparation, you can locate a cosy and practical PG in Yelahanka that satisfies all of your requirements. Thus, below we will look at various suggestions to assist you in locating an appropriate PG.


  • Do some research online beforehand: It’s a good idea to conduct some internet research before you start physically visiting PGs. You may utilise the numerous websites and applications that list PGs to get a sense of the sorts of accommodations offered in your selected region. Also, you may customise the search results depending on your preferences for facilities, price range, and other factors.
  • Establish a budget: It’s crucial to decide your budget before you start looking for a PG. This will enable you to focus your search and prevent time-wasting visits to lodgings that are out of your price range. While creating your budget, don’t forget to account for other expenses like electricity, maintenance fees, and security deposits.
  • Think about the setting: Particularly if you’re new to the city, the placement of your PG is important. Search for lodgings that are close to your education or place of employment and have decent access to the public transportation system. A central position will also guarantee that you have quick access to dining establishments, retail outlets, and other conveniences.
  • Examine the facilities: When choosing your lodging, it’s crucial to look over the amenities offered by the various PGs. A comfortable bed, a fan or air conditioner, a clean restroom, and a clean atmosphere are all necessities. Also, you might want to find out if the PG provides other services like Wi-Fi, laundry, and meals.
  • Consult reviews: When looking for a PG, online reviews may be a fantastic resource of knowledge. Check for reviews across a variety of channels, including as Google, social media, and the PG website. You may learn about the quality of the rental, the attitude of the landlord, and any problems you might need to be aware of through reviews left by former tenants.
  • Verify the security measures: While selecting a PG, security is a key factor. Seek for lodgings with access control systems that are secure, CCTV cameras, and security people on duty around-the-clock. This will make it possible for you to live in the PG without being concerned for your safety.
  • Obtaining the landlord: When choosing your apartment, it’s a good idea to meet the landlord. This will help you get a sense of their conduct and personality and determine whether you can trust them. You can ask any questions you may have regarding the PG, the amenities, and the regulations when you meet the landlord.
  • Recognize the laws and regulations: You must abide by the rules and guidelines that each PG has to offer. Be sure you comprehend these guidelines, including the meal times, how to utilise the common spaces, and the guests policy, before making a final decision on your lodging. Before you sign the contract, make sure you’re at ease with these guidelines.
  • Discuss the rent: Before agreeing to a rental agreement, don’t be scared to haggle over the rent. In particular if you’ve been a renter for a while, many landlords are amenable to negotiations. Be reasonable, though, and avoid asking for a rent that is too cheap since this might be construed as rude.
  • Read the contract thoroughly: Be sure you have read the contract completely and comprehend all of its provisions before you sign it. Ask the landlord to explain anything about which you are uncertain. Be care to save a copy of the contract. 
  • Go in person to the PG: While though internet research is a terrific place to start, it’s always advisable to see the PG in person before deciding. This will offer you an opportunity to meet the landlord and other renters, examine the real condition of the rental, and get a sense of the neighbourhood.
  • Demand recommendations: Don’t be afraid to ask locals who have lived in PGs for recommendations if you know someone in the area. They might be able to suggest a quality hotel that you might have overlooked in your web search.
  • Make advance plans: It might take some time to find a good PG, so you should start looking well in advance. This will give you enough time to look at a variety of possibilities, work out the rent, and decide on the one that’s ideal for you.


In conclusion, choosing a perfect PG might be difficult, but with a little study and preparation, you can locate a convenient and pleasant lodging that satisfies all of your requirements. While choosing your accommodations, keep in mind aspects like your budget, location, facilities, security, and laws and regulations. You can locate the ideal PG and have a hassle-free stay in your new city by using the advice given above.