How To Care for and Keep Your Bras in Excellent Condition

While it might feel like too much of a hassle to separate your laundry, throwing your bra in the washer with your jeans and t-shirts is a bad idea for several reasons. The fabric used to make your bra comfortable, sleek, and slightly stretchy is delicate, and when you wash it on the regular cycle or in warm water, you risk damaging the fabric and shortening the life of your bra. When it comes to womens bras, delicate is best. Keep reading to learn how you can care for your bras and keep them in excellent condition.

Gentle & Cold Wash Cycle

To maintain hygiene while caring for the delicate fabric and construction of your bras, wash them on the gentle cycle in cold water. If you can put in extra time, handwashing is actually preferred, especially for lace items. It’s understandable if you don’t want to handwash your bra once a week, but you should always choose the most gentle cycle on your washing machine and never use hot water. Hot water can affect your bra over time, changing its shape and making the bra’s fit less comfortable. 

When choosing a laundry detergent, opt for something that is natural and gentle as well. Look for a ph-balanced, handwash-friendly detergent in the store. 

Air Dry Is Best

When it comes to bras, air drying is best. After washing your bra, lay it flat on a towel or other clean service until it is 100% dry. Keep your bra out of direct sunlight but pick a spot with good airflow.

Avoid putting your bras in the dryer at all costs. You don’t want your best wireless bra to shrink in the dryer due to the heat. The movement of the dryer can make your bra straps and hooks catch on other items or on other bras, and then you risk deforming the hooks and stretching the straps. 

Use a Laundry Bag

If you are going to wash your bras in your washing machine, always use a laundry bag. Mesh laundry bags help ensure that your bras won’t snag on each other or other items of clothing. 

Another option that achieves the same thing is to use a pillowcase in place of a laundry bag. Make sure to secure the opening of the pillowcase so your bra doesn’t fly out during the cycle.

Store Carefully

How you store your bra matters. Don’t leave your bras hanging for days or weeks at a time, and don’t squish the cups inside of a drawer that is too small. If you need to, get a separate storage bin so that your bras have enough room and can lay side by side without snagging on each other.

The general rule when it comes to bras is that you want to wash, dry, and store your bras with as little manipulation as possible. The less you move and stretch the fabric, the longer your bras will last. 

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