Blackjack Side Bets and Payouts Explained

Blackjack is one of the best casino games because of its simplicity, unique features, and easy-to-understand strategies. It is a game of skill where players need to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21 to win the game. You can also win if the dealer’s hand goes over 21. Players can place their bets on the Player’s or the Banker’s hand. Though the basic rules and bet types are simple, additional betting options, like Side Bets,  make the game more interesting. 

Side bets add an exciting element and give a chance to earn big rewards in the game. Let us look at the different Blackjack Side Bets and their corresponding payout. 

What Are Blackjack Side Bets?

Blackjack side bets are bets players can place besides the standard betting options on the Blackjack game. These bets involve predicting specific outcomes or combinations in the game. They offer players the chance to win big on top of their regular Blackjack game winnings. 

In any best online betting site, you can play Black Jack. You can also get all types of bets. 

There are actually two Blackjack side bets available. Let us look at the side bets in detail: 

● Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs involves betting on whether your initial two cards will form a pair, like – the first two cards dealt to a player are of the same value, excluding the face cards. The values should be – two 10s, two Jacks, etc. Three possible combinations can happen:

  1. Perfect Pair – Pair of the same rank and same suit. 
  2. Colored Pair – Pair of the same rank and color but a different suit.
  3. Mixed Pair – Pair of the same rank but different suits. 

The payout ratio may vary for the Perfect Pairs depending on the casino, but generally, it is higher than the regular Blackjack payout. 

● Payouts for Perfect Pairs Side Bets

The Perfect Pairs Side Bets’ minimum and maximum betting amounts vary depending on the casino. Look at the payout ratio for the Perfect Pairs Side Bets:


Bet Type Payout
Perfect Pair 25:1
Colored Pair 12:1
Mixed Pair 6:1

● 21+3

This Blackjack betting option involves wagering on the strength of the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s Upcard. The possible combinations include: 

  • Suited Trips – Three cards should be identical (of the same rank or color) – E.g., 3 Queens of Hearts.
  • Straight Flush – Three cards in numerical order and of the same suit. For example, 10, Jack, and Queen of Diamonds. 
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same rank but different suits. For example, any 3 Kings – diamonds, hearts, and spades. 
  • Straight – Three cards in numerical series, irrespective of suit. For example, 2 of Spades +3 of Clubs and +4 of Hearts. 
  • Flush – Three cards of the same suit. For example, 2, 6, and 10 of Clubs. 

Payouts for 21+3 Side Bets

The 21+3 side bets offer more rewards than perfect pairs. Let us look at the 21+3 side bet payouts:


Bet Type Payout
Suited Trips 100:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a Kind 25:1
Straight 10:1
Flush 5:1

Concluding Thoughts

Blackjack side bets are additional wagers that give the ultimate thrill and excitement in playing the game. Also, these bets offer greater payouts than the standard Blackjack bets. So, place Blackjack side bets today and enjoy bigger winnings!