Best Casino Games to Play in India

Online casino gaming has become very tending, keeping up with the changing times in terms of innovation and technology. An indication of this is the presence of a legitimate live casino in India, not just one, but more. What are the best live casino games in India, and which online casinos offer them? 

Best live casino games in India

Modern technology allows players to enjoy online casino gambling in a more realistic environment through live casino games. Live casino in India has become very popular because of the thrill and excitement it gives players and their attractive live dealers. 

Live roulette is the most favorite live casino in India which is available in different game variants. Its live dealers can communicate in several languages and gives players many options through versions provided by top-notch software providers in the online gambling industry such as Mostbet mirror.

Live roulette

Live roulette is the most favorite live casino in India which is available in different game variants. Its live dealers can communicate in several languages and gives players many options through versions provided by top-notch software providers in the online gambling industry. 

Every live casino in India offers live roulette, giving players the chance to experience a world-class gambling adventure. A live roulette game gives players an accurate view of what is happening at the roulette table using the multi-camera system, covering the game from all angles.  

How to play

How do you play live roulette? Here are some easy steps for playing live roulette:

  1. First, you must find a reputable online gambling website. Make sure you sign up with a casino that offers live roulette. 
  2. Once you have checked if the casino is licensed and that it is what you prefer, open an account with the casino by signing up. 
  3. Make the necessary deposit and go to the live casino section of the casino’s menu. Select live roulette and find out what other options you have on live roulette. 
  4. Choose a specific live roulette game and wait for the game to load. You will be greeted by a live croupier or dealer. You will be given instructions, like placing the bets, before the dealer spins the roulette. Take note of the extra features that some live roulette games have. These additional features can help increase your winnings. 
  5. After everything is in place, the dealer turns the wheel, and players wait for it to stop to know the outcome. If the ball dropped by the dealer during the spin falls on the numbered compartment you placed your bet on, you win. Your winnings will be automatically debited to your casino account. If you lose, the loss will be automatically deducted from your account.
  6. Once winnings and losses have been settled, a new game begins, following the same process. 

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is not as famous as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or poker. However, in reputable Indian online casinos, sic bo is one of the most favorite games in live casino rooms. Sic Bo is a game that involves three six-sided dice. In this game, players must guess the outcome of the game by placing digital chips as bets on the table, depending on their prediction. The live dealer shakes the dice to determine the result of the game. Payouts are made based on the odds displayed on the screen. Note that live sic bo games use RNG to select betting positions and multipliers. 

Best sic bo games in India

There are two best sic bo games to look out for when playing at a live casino in India. One is called Sic Bo Deluxe from Playtech. It has a studio with a spectacular Asian theme. The Sic Bo table is designed like a lotus flower and offers up to 1,000x on some wagers. 

The other game, Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming, is known for its action-packed games with exciting features. Super Sic Bo offers as much as 1,000x on some betting positions and can give very attractive payouts. 

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is the online variant of the card game called blackjack. It comes with a live dealer, with the game taking place in a real casino or gambling studio. India’s best live blackjack games include Speed Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Quantum Blackjack, Power Blackjack, and Salon Prive Blackjack.

In a live blackjack game, the cards are shuffled by an automatic shuffler. After shuffling, they are dealt to the players by the live dealer, placing these cards in specific spaces on the physical blackjack table. 

Advantages of playing live blackjack

There are several reasons why players go for live blackjack. First, the games have very attractive live dealers that can entice players to check out the game. Live Blackjack games in India are interesting because they are innovative. Finally, live blackjack games give players free chips and special bonuses, which they can use to play more and increase their winnings.

Steps in playing live blackjack

 Playing live blackjack is easy if you follow these steps:

  1. Open an account with a legitimate online betting website that offers live blackjack. You can browse the casino’s homepage and ensure it provides live blackjack before signing up.
  2. After opening a casino account and making your first deposit, go to the live blackjack studio, where you will meet a live dealer who will encourage you to place bets. You can place bets by dragging your digital casino chips on the blackjack table. 
  3. After all the wagers are in place, the dealer will close the betting window and deal two cards to the player. The player will then decide to play or ask for another card. Once the player plays his hand, the dealer will show her cards. Whoever among the player and the dealer has a total of 21 or closest to 21 wins. 
  4. After winnings and losses have been settled, another game begins. 

Other live casino games in India

Aside from the games mentioned above, a live casino in India also includes Dream Catcher, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar. 

Evolution Gaming creates Dream Catcher. Playing this game is fun and easy because it does not need complicated techniques. The game has simple rules, making them easy for players to memorize. Dream Catcher is played with a wheel that is turned by an attractive host. The wheel has six different colors corresponding to the screen’s six betting options. 

Teen Patti is a traditional Indian card game. Although it has its origin in India, it is now played in other countries worldwide, thanks to online gambling websites. The betting options of this game are Play, Ante, Pair or Better, and 3+3 Bonus. In this game, whoever has the highest poker hand is declared the winner.

Andar Bahar is another traditional Indian game. Players must predict if the card dealt by the dealer is “Andar” or “Bahar.” Betting on “Andar” will give you a payout of 1.9x the bet if you win while betting on “Bahar” will provide you with a winning of 2x your bet. 

Live casino in India is becoming more and more popular as days pass. Why is this so? The excitement and thrill that live casino gives to players are incomparable, enticing more people to sign up with casinos and play. However, players are constantly reminded to sign up only with legitimate casinos. Regardless of how attractive the live casino games and offers casinos have, if they are not trustworthy, you will not achieve your goal of having the best online gambling experience.