Best Cardio Exercises to Begin your Fitness Journey at Home

The biggest reason people do not get into the habit of exercising is the daunting thought of signing up for a gym. But you seriously do not need to restrict yourself to a gym, to stay fit. If you are not a gym person, you can begin your journey at home, with cardio exercises too.

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Cardio Exercises to do at Home

Cardio is a great form of fat-burning exercise. If you are not interested in weight lifting, you can easily adapt to cardio workouts. Start slow and gradually work your way up. Remember, that you must always begin in accordance to your fitness level. Once your body builds resistance, you can start increasing the reps of the exercises and duration too.

1.   Brisk Walk:

A brisk walk is one of the most under-estimated exercises. Walking briskly for at least 30-45 minutes daily can be a great form of working out. It is best if you can stretch it up to an hour or more to burn excessive calories.


2.   Jogging/Running:

If you love running or jogging, then kudos; you can actually burn a lot of calories with this exercise. Jogging or running early in the morning boosts your metabolism and further generates a positive mood too.

3.   Dancing:

This is the easiest form of cardio to adapt to. You can also watch aerobic dances as they will certainly be more impactful. If you are feeling low and don’t have the energy to go for a run; turn the music up and dance your heart out. Not only will you feel better but you will also burn calories.

4.   Squats:

If your current fitness level is good, you can add squats to your cardio routine. There are various types of squats, like squat jumps, which can easily help you boost your fitness.

5.   Jumping Ropes:

Jumping ropes can be tough in the beginning but it is a great calorie burner. You can try infusing it in your routine gradually. Maybe jump rope for 5 minutes after you walk for an hour to develop a habit. Or you can start jumping ropes for 20=30 minutes and it is a self-sufficient cardio workout in itself.

6.   Aerobics:

If you want to workout and have fun too, then aerobics is a great way to begin your fitness journey. Aerobics are generally quite fun for beginners and they also help you burn a good amount of calories too. There are advanced aerobic exercises as well. You can always start with beginner-friendly ones and develop a routine.


Beginning somewhere is better than not starting at all. Adding any form of exercise to your routine is important to stay active in life and adapt to a healthier lifestyle too. Cardio is not only beginner-friendly but tends to be a great calorie burner too. Choose exercises that fit you best and gradually develop a routine for yourself. Just remember that you always have the option to work with a personal trainer. With the help of fitness training software, a trainer will be able to help you stick to your regular workout routine and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.