5 reasons why choosing a soy-free formula may be right for your baby

If you’re a young parent and you bumped into the necessity to choose the baby formula for your little one, you definitely know that it can be overwhelming. There is a wide range of formulas on the market and they all have different functions and are suitable for different kid’s needs.

You’ve maybe heard about the most common types of formulas and ingredients. Some of them have cow’s or goat’s milk proteins, some are based on soy proteins and so on. While hearing the word «soy» some images like vegan food instantly come to your mind. In addition, it is a popular element in many baby formulas but some parents are worried about giving their loved ones soy.

So let’s take into account important facts about using soy in baby foods.

What is soy-formula?

That is the formula which uses soy as their main protein and includes other ingredients. Since babies are occasionally prone to have animal milk allergy, soy can be an alternative to it. You can find other options for plant based formula such as rice infant formula and others. But they are not as common as soy in the US. 

There is a common thought that vegan baby formula is safe for babies, however, a lot of families and experts are not likely to buy soy formulas for their little ones. And there are some reasons for that decision of buying soy-free formula. Let’s look at them.

1. You child has a soy intolerance

Parents often think that children can be allergic or intolerant only to animal based products. Unfortunately, soy may also cause some adverse reactions. The symptoms of potential allergy can be diarrhea, fussiness, vomiting, skin rash and bloating. If you are not sure what this reaction is for, ask your doctor for advice. He may advise you to choose soy-free formulas to avoid the allergen. Moreover, if your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, it doesn’t mean that soy will deal with this problem. Sometimes these kids are unable to process soy proteins as well. 

2. You may refuse using it because of GMOs and excess aluminum

It would be news for you, but most soy crops are genetically modified. So you may be sure, while eating soy formula your baby will get some portions of GMOs that are surely unhealthy, and, moreover, aluminum. It is a natural heavy metal which has neurotoxic effects. Due to the fact that breast milk or other formulas contain much less of that ingredient, soy makes it more unclear.

3. Soy formulas have estrogenic effects

Surveys found that soy formulas naturally have phytoestrogens. These substances can cause some negative reactions. Consuming them, kids can have some developmental delays for boys, and they can be found around the time of puberty. Phytoestrogens may have some adverse effect on girls as well and have results on their reproductive system in the long run.

4. Soy-based formulas may include more sugars than other ones

It’s commonly known that added sugars are bad for babies as their stomachs are so tender and aren’t ready to process sugars at all. Actually, eating sugars constantly may cause chronic diseases and spoil eating habits. So, a lot of parents prefer to avoid sugars and soy formulas as they tend to have more additives.

5. It contains phytic acid

Phytic acid is known for blocking the nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, which are incredibly important for babies’ development and well-being. Besides, this element causes some irritation in the digestive tract. So, sometimes kids are not doing great with soy formula.

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