Impressive Extreme Sports Popular in 2023

Sports are about pushing yourself to the limit, and even beyond. Many people get into sports to achieve a certain physical excellence. However, for some, sports are all about danger and adrenaline. Obviously, soccer, basketball, boxing, etc. come with their own dangers. And what could be more impressive than persevering in the face of danger? The sports listed in this article are all incredible dangerous, which makes the people who participate all the more impressive for doing so. 


One of the most popular extreme sports in 2023 is bicycle motocross, more commonly known as BMX. The sport has attained such popularity, that it has even broken into the mainstream. BMX events are often televised or streamed online. Even some sportsbooks have begun to cover bicycle motocross events.

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The name of the sport comes from the brand of bicycle used within the races. There are two major forms of BMX competitions: racing and freestyle. Racing events are usually held on a road, dirt, or off-road, while freestyle BMX stunts are performed on bicycle courses. The sport’s popularity netted it a part in the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

Volcano Surfing

Surfing is a fantastic sport, that can provide quite a lot of thrills for anyone looking for excitement. However, for some, regular surfing just wasn’t enough. The sea simply did not present enough danger for some surfers, so instead, they moved on to surfing on lava. 

While it is a bit of an exaggeration to say volcano surfing is “surfing on lava,” the sport is still extremely dangerous. Athletes visit volcanoes, climb to the very top, and then slide down the volcanic slopes on a piece of plywood or metal. 

Volcano surfing comes with a good degree of dangers, most notably, inhaling poison gasses. Surfers also often fall off the board and cut themselves on the volcanic ash, and many suffer from histoplasmosis. Of course, a notable danger is getting hit by a chunk of flying molten lava. 

Rock Climbing

Another extremely popular extreme sport is rock climbing. In fact, the sport is so popular, that it needs no introduction. Certainly, many readers have already heard of the sport. Participants climb up, across, and down natural rock formations, using mountain climbing equipment. Rock climbing is so popular that there are competitions, tournaments, and events, many of which are broadcast on television.

The history of the sport also dates further back than some might imagine. Chinese paintings which have been dated to 200 BC show men climbing huge rock formations. Similarly, Native American tribes that lived near mountains and rock formations are believed to have been excellent climbers. In European countries, all throughout history, people have been using rock climbing techniques to reach a mountain’s summit during mountaineering expeditions. 


These are only three of the most popular extreme sports in the world today. Of similar popularity are sports like waterboarding, ironman triathlon, skysurfing, whitewater kayaking, etc. The extreme sports world is quite diverse, and only growing in popularity. 

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