Caring for Your Skin and Hair with Organic Products During Holi

Caring for Your Skin and Hair with Organic Products During Holi

Holi is referred to as the festival of colors that brings about laughter, joy, and vibrant hues in our lives. While the celebrations happen to be a source of immense happiness, the aftermath can have adverse effects on the skin and hair. The use of colors & water during the celebration can take a toll on the overall health of the skin and hair. It is exactly the situation where the skin and hair yearn for some tender care. In this regard, incorporating organic products into the post-Holi skincare and hair care routine proves to be quite beneficial. Opting for organic skin care products as well as hair care items does not compromise the health of the skin and hair.

The Impact of Synthetic Colors

Synthetic colors used during the festival of Holi often consist of harsh chemicals and artificial dyes. This, in turn, can lead to allergies, skin irritations, and hair damage. The abrasive nature of these synthetic colors might strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable to inflammation. Similarly, the chemicals used in these colors can rob the hair of its moisture, thereby resulting in dullness and breakage. Therefore, opting for Natural Skincare Products or alternatives happens to be a thoughtful and proactive way to effectively deal with these concerns. In this regard, choosing skincare and hair care products from Lotus Organics Plus proves to be a fantastic choice.

Organic Skincare Regime During Holi

Following an appropriate skincare routine after Holi plays a pivotal role in keeping the skin glowing and overall healthy. Moreover, organic skin care products are not only effective but also safe and nourishing for the skin.

Here are a few simple steps to follow.

Step 1 – Gently Clean the Skin with an Organic Face Wash

It is always ideal to start with an organic face wash to remove the colors, dirt, and other unwanted elements from the skin. In addition to this, using an exfoliator can also prove to be quite helpful. You can opt for Lotus Organics Plus Precious Brightening Face Wash or Precious Brightening Face Exfoliator to get rid of all unnecessary components to make the skin clean.

Step 2 – Apply a Toner

The application of a toner helps remove any last traces of colors dirt, grime, and impurities stuck in the pores after washing the face. Using a toner can have a positive impact on the overall appearance and tightness of the skin pores. You can check out the Lotus Organics Plus Divine Petals Mist Toner to enjoy great results.

Step 3 – Nourish and Hydrate the Skin Appropriately

The next step involves proper nourishing of the skin. Using the best natural face oil helps nourish the skin with its potential nourishing ingredients. These oils prove to be of great help in effectively removing color from the skin while providing deep hydration. Besides restoring hydration, these oils also facilitate the creation of a protective barrier against further damage. You can choose Lotus Organics Plus Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Miracle Face Oil or Vitamin C Face Glow Oil to properly nourish and hydrate your skin.

Step 4 – Use an Organic Face Glow Cream for Radiance

Now, it is time to follow up with any top-rated organic face glow cream to enhance the radiance of your skin. These creams are infused with natural illuminating agents, thereby promoting a healthy and glowing complexion. You can certainly try out Lotus Organics Plus Vitamin C Radiance Booster Cream, Bakuchiol Plant Retinol Cream, or Divine Nutritive Cream to obtain the best possible results.

In addition to the skincare steps discussed above, you can also try out a few natural remedies for the removal of colors from the skin. You can make a paste of gram flour and milk or yogurt to gently get rid of the colors from the skin.

Hair Care During Holi

After the skincare regime is sorted, now it is time to care for your hair during Holi which can be done by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Pre-Holi Hair Oil Treatment

Before you step out to celebrate the festival of colors, make sure to apply organic hair oil containing nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, and Amal. This, in turn, plays a significant role in creating a protective layer that prevents synthetic colors from penetrating your hair shaft. You can choose Lotus Organics Plus Hair Fall Control Multi Herbs Oil before you begin your Holi celebrations.

Step 2 – Use Shampoos Without Chemicals for Gentle Cleansing

After Holi celebrations, make sure to use Shampoos without Chemicals to wash away the colors from your hair. It will be a great idea to look out for shampoos enriched with herbal extracts like hibiscus or aloe vera, promoting a gentle and effective cleansing process. You can check out the Lotus Organics Plus Hair Fall Control Shampoo in this regard which boosts the health of your hair and controls hair fall at the same time.

Step 3 – Conditioning Your Hair is the Key

After cleansing, it is time to treat your hair to the best natural conditioner that helps restore moisture, repair damage, and enhance the overall health of your hair. Use Lotus Organics Plus Hair Fall Conditioner in order to obtain the intended results.

Once you have followed the hair care steps post-Holi, it is recommended to avoid heat styling. Let the hair dry naturally and embrace its natural texture. Giving your hair a break from any kind of heat styling tools helps prevent further damage and promotes hair recovery at a good pace.

Final Thoughts – Holi Skincare Tips

Following a few simple Holi skincare tips can work like a wonder for your skin and hair.

Apply Coconut Oil Before Holi

Before you start playing with colors, generously apply coconut oil to the skin and hair. This acts as a protective barrier, thereby making it easy and convenient to wash off colors later which minimizes their impact on your skin & hair.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration happens to be crucial in combating the dehydrating effects of synthetic colors. It is ideal to drink plenty of water before, during, and after Holi to keep your skin and hair hydrated from within.

Wear Protective Clothing and Accessories

Cover your skin with long-sleeved dresses and pants to reduce direct contact with colors. Additionally, wear a scarf or cap to shield your hair from color exposure.

Avoid Synthetic Colors

It is ideal to avoid the use of synthetic colors and use herbal or organic gulal as an alternative. Organic alternatives are less likely to cause damage to the skin and hair compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Now, you have a clear picture in front of you regarding the do’s and don’ts during the celebration of Holi. Moreover, make sure to keep organic skin care products and hair care items ready with you to give the right treatment to the skin & hair.